This Tip Keeps Your Soap Safe Outdoors 1

My knee high with soap in it hanging from the faucet.

My knee high with soap in it hanging from the faucet.

Some days I need something outside that allows for a quick scrub at the outdoor faucet and a way for my outdoor soap to dry quickly. The solution? Put my bar of soap in nylons.

After popping my soap into an old knee-high stocking, I then tie the stocking to the outside faucet. There it will hang, ready to be used as needed. I love this because it allows for a preliminary washing after I have been gardening and am a HUGE mess.

These soaps are so handy. I don’t lose the soap in the dirt when the bar gets smaller, and the soap dries quickly after being used. The best part is always knowing where to find my garden soap.

It is also nice that I don’t have to worry about harming the soil, because all cold process soap is bio-degradable. Yes!


Knee-High Nylons (or cut the bottom half off nylons that have runs)
Several bars of soap of your choice

Open your nylon. Drop a bar of soap in. Tie a knot in the open end, then tie that to the outside faucet. Tada! Now you will always know where to find your wonderful garden soaps, and you won’t make such a huge mess washing super soiled hands in a sink you’ll have to clean!


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One thought on “This Tip Keeps Your Soap Safe Outdoors

  • sincerelyemily

    fabulous ! ! fabulous ! ! thanks for sharing. what a perfect way to use great soap outside. Emily

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