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Champagne Sugar is one of my most favorite scents. I’ve used it for years in cold process soap, but I most recently tried it in lotion and loved it so much! This is a lighter scent, sweet, yet not cloyingly sweet. It somehow managed to smell fizzy; I really like […]

Fragrance Friday: Champagne Sugar

I hate it in fall when my cuticles start to get super dry. They crack and snag on everything. Super annoying and sometimes painful. There has to be a remedy for dry cuticles! Of course there is! Cuticle oil to the rescue! There are lots of different oils you could […]

Super Speedy Cuticle Oil

This flirty scent is a creamy coconut blend with fresh sea air, bergamot, herbal lavender, and buttery vanilla. It is fresh and youthful. I smell this scent and think of the crazy TV commercials that show luxurious long hair that is clean, sparkly, and sexy. This scent would make a […]

Fragrance Friday: 21

Getting a massage may be one of my favorite treats next to a good coffee drink. I wonder if I could combine the two? In 2012, Taylor made Sweet Coffee Massage Butter. She did hers a bit differently than I will do mine. Hers was not an emulsified lotion; mine […]

Mmm Massage Lotion

Yesterday we made a lip balm featuring Cranberry Seed Oil. Today I’m taking the same formula and substituting Red Raspberry Seed Oil for the Cranberry Seed Oil. I don’t expect there to be a huge difference between the two finished lip balms, but there will be a difference in what […]

Raspberry Lip Balm

A couple of weeks ago I focused on Cranberry Seed Oil, and I liked it a lot. I did not get around to making a lip balm that week, so let’s see about doing that now. The fatty acid profile of Cranberry Seed Oil promotes skin regeneration, and Cranberry Seed […]

Cranberry Lip Balm

Yesterday’s lotion is going to get a few tweaks today to become a thick, rich cream. Come along as I reformulate. There are several good ways to thicken a more fluid product. One way is to increase the percentage of butters. Another way is to add Stearic Acid. You can […]

Borage Anti-Aging Cream

The skin on your body that’s exposed most often – think hands, arms, face, and neck – is most prone to showing signs of aging. This can be due to trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) causing dry skin. It’s also due to sun damage. What’s a girl to do? There are […]

Borage Oil Anti-Aging Lotion

Borage Oil is a wonderful emmolient, and today we’ll use it to make a salve. Our Borage Oil is organic and is cold-pressed. It’s also full of GLA! GLA is short for gamma-linolenic acid, and GLA fatty acid is a special member of the omega-6 fatty acid family. It helps […]

Borage Oil Salve