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This winter has been hard on hands! Both my husband and I have cracked fingertips from dryness and cold. I set out to make a salve that would really nourish the skin and create an emollient barrier to allow these ouchy places to heal. I began with lanolin. There is […]

Extreme Lanolin Salve

Previously, we used Hemp Oil in a foot scrub. Today we’ll switch body parts and target the lips. Hemp Oil naturally contains a high level of vitamin E, which is wonderful on the skin. It also contains gamma linolenic acid, which has been shown in studies to increase barrier repair […]

Marvelous Mango Sugar Scrub

Have you ever sipped the nectar from a honeysuckle blossom? It’s been decades since I smelled a real honeysuckle, but our Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil takes me right back. I love it in soap, especially because it doesn’t accelerate! Here’s what our catalog has to say about Honeysuckle: “It is here! […]

Fragrance Friday: Honeysuckle

Unless you get weekly pedicures, it’s likely your feet could use a bit of TLC. This scrub will deliver! Join me as I make up a super quick luxurious foot scrub with an essential oil blend to tame foot odor and make your tootsies feel wonderful! Hemp Oil is such […]

Hemp Oil Foot Scrub

Sometimes your skin just needs some extra exfoliation. Winter is surely that time for me, so I’ve been thinking a bit outside the box about a scrubby lotion to be used before showering. Here’s the idea: create a lotion that contains the hydrating power of Hydrovance as a humectant and […]

Scrubby Exfoliating Lotion

We’re back again looking at fragrance oil usage. Today I want to make a cologne. Traditionally applied with an atomizer, cologne is made of 3-5% scenting oils in an alcohol or water base. Because I’ll be using water as my base, I’ll need an emulsifier to make the mixture cohesive. […]

Cranberry Rose Cologne

Do you have a favorite fruit flavor? After rolling out our newest flavor, Mango Flavor Oil, we do! Tropical flavors are always a hit and we think Mango is a perfect flavor to add to your line! Mangos are a sweet fruit that are globally loved. While you can use […]

Flavor Friday: Mango

Layering can make you smell great! No, I’m not talking about putting on several layers of clothes. I’m talking about layering fragrances. The idea is this: use the same fragrance in several different products to give your scent a boost. For instance, use soap, shampoo, and conditioner in the shower […]

Layering Makes You Smell Great

Have you ever smelled a fragrance oil and wished you could turn it into a perfume? I was pondering this recently, and I wanted to turn one of my personal favorite fragrance oils into a solid perfume. I’ll use Babassu Oil as the base because it melts so easily upon […]

How To Make Solid Perfume