Watermelon Shea Lip Balm

Watermelon is a popular flavor no matter the time of year, and you can enjoy it even more when mixed into our Shea Butter Lip Solutions! Our most popular Lip Solutions variety, Shea Butter Lip Solutions is available in 5-lb bags as well as jars and buckets.

For our samples, we’ve added Watermelon and Sugar Baby Flavor Oils to Shea Butter Lip Solutions, and we’re shipping them out with orders right now! There are several varieties of Lip Solutions available in our catalog. Check them all out here.

Shea Butter is a marvelous oil for any skin that is chapped, so it’s a natural to use in a lip balm. Your lips will thank you, especially in winter.

To make your life super easy, get a filling tray if you are going to use lip balm tubes. I am so good at bumping into things and knocking over stuff that I won’t even attempt to fill lip balm tubes without the tray.

There are a lot of other container options as well. One small jar of Lip Solutions will fill approximately
55 Lip Balm Tubes
35 Size 33 mm Lip Jars
60 Baby Lip Balm Jars
28 English or Slip Style Tins

As we get into gift-giving season, you won’t find an easier homemade gift to give to friends and family!


Here’s your short list of supplies and equipment needed to make this delicious and super moisturizing lip balm.


Shea Butter Lip Solutions
Watermelon Flavor Oil
Sugar Baby Flavor Oil


Transfer Pipettes
Lip Balm Tubes (white) and Caps (Posh Pink)
Lip Balm Filling Tray


For 55 Lip Balm Tubes

10.61 ounces Shea Butter Lip Solutions (1 jar)
0.21 ounce Watermelon Flavor Oil
0.10 ounce Sugar Baby Flavor Oil


97% Lanolin Lip Solutions
2% Watermelon Flavor Oil
1% Sugar Baby Flavor Oil


Heat the Lip Solutions right inside the jar, either using shorts bursts of time in the microwave or put the jar in a saucepan filled with hot water and a rack on the bottom and heat gently on the stovetop. Use the same method to heat the oils in the 5-lb bag.

When the lip balm is fully liquid, remove from heat and add the flavorings.

Check out this fantastic pictorial tutorial on the best way to fill lip balm tubes using the tray.

We’re sending out sample tubes of Watermelon Shea Lip Balm in orders now. Enjoy!

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