Monthly Archives: October 2021

Ginger! Cinnamon! Nutmeg! Brown sugar! Vanilla! Gingerbread & Spice Fragrance Oil hits all the best notes of a favorite treat. From our catalog: “Gingerbread and spice go hand in hand. This old fashioned medley is the perfect infusion of molasses and brown sugar, topped with the perfect blend of cinnamon, […]

Fragrance Friday: Gingerbread & Spice

When the air is dry and the temps are falling, there is nothing better than a dreamy, creamy concoction to pamper your parched skin. Join me in the workroom as I craft a cream to satisfy your moisturizing needs. We’ll begin with Cocoa Butter for a thick base and that […]

Dreamy Chocolate Mint Cream

When the seasons are changing and winter is in the air, your lips need extra moisturizing care. Say hello to Sunflower Lecithin! This fabulous ingredient acts as an emollient and helps bind water to the skin. It’s a great way to hold moisture on your lips. Let’s go to the […]

Sunflower Lecithin & Honey Lip Balm