Make This Luxurious Spiced Tangerine Lip Balm In A Snap!

I think I’m in love! Citrus and spice is a fantastic flavor combination, and look what we just did – we mixed up the flavors of cinnamon, cloves, tangerine, gave it a bit of sweetness, then we poured it into a lip balm tube!

Finished tubes of Spiced Tangerine Lip Balm.

Introducing Spiced Tangerine Lip Balm! This is so good – the flavor is spot on excellent!

We love using our Lip Solutions bases as a jumping-off point when making lip balm. Tangerine Lip Solutions is the newest addition to the line-up, featuring the fresh and tangy flavor and aroma of tangerines. For this lip balm, we’ll add some essential oils and a bit of Sugar Baby Flavor Oil.

This lip balm would make beautiful gifts for the upcoming holidays, or you could add it to your offerings at the multitude of craft fairs and bazaars this time of year.


The list of ingredients you’ll need to make this delectable lip balm is blessedly short. We get it. You’re probably as busy as we are, and the holidays are nearly upon us. Enjoy this super fast and straightforward recipe.

Tangerine Lip Solutions
Cinnamon Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Tangerine Essential Oil
Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
Transfer Pipettes
Lip Balm Filling Tray
Lip Balm Tubes
Tube Caps


The 7 ounce recipe should make enough to fill about 50 of our regular lip balm tubes.

Makes 50 tubes in Ounces
10.08 ounces Tangerine Lip Solutions (1 jar)
0.03 ounce Cinnamon Essential Oil
0.03 ounce Clove Essential Oil
0.05 ounce Tangerine Essential Oil
0.21 ounce Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
Makes 50 tubes in Grams
286 grams Tangerine Lip Solutions (1 jar)
0.74 grams Cinnamon Essential Oil
0.74 grams Clove Essential Oil
1.48 grams Tangerine Essential Oil
5.9 grams Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
97% Tangerine Lip Solutions
0.25% Cinnamon Essential Oil
0.25% Clove Essential Oil
0.5% Tangerine Essential Oil
2% Sugar Baby Flavor Oil


Place lip balm tubes in the lip balm filling tray before starting so you will not need to rush to do it when the lip balm is ready to pour.

Melt Lip Solutions in shot time bursts in the microwave, or place in a double boiler. When it has reached the liquid form, add the essential oils and flavor using transfer pipettes. Stir well to thoroughly combine the additions.

Pour into a measuring cup with a spout to fill tubes. Alternately, you can fill tubes using transfer pipettes.


This lip balm made me think of wassail made with orange juice added to the traditional apple juice. The spices and the tangerine flavor are delicious together, and Sugar Baby Flavor Oil adds just the right touch of sweetness.

Guess what I learned? Modern wassail is made with orange juice! Apparently, I’m not the first to come up with the idea.

We’ve made up over 400 samples to send to our shipping department, so make sure you ask for one when you order! After you’ve tried Spiced Tangerine Lip Balm, come back here and tell us what you think.

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