So Sensitive Lotion – Day 4: Second Batch with Avocado Butter & Oat Oil

After making yesterday’s batch of lotion, it was apparent that the batch was too small for proper testing while slathering the whole body. I decided to double the batch with today’s recipe, which uses Avocado Butter and Oat Oil with the same basic recipe as yesterday. I’m excited to see how this recipe turns out as I think it will be my favorite.

Extracts and preservative ready to measure into a small beaker using measuring pipettes.

Here is the recipe in percentages again:

75% Water
13% Coconut Oil OR Avocado Butter
3% Hydrovance
3% Emulsifying Wax
2% Calendula Extract
2% Orchid Extract
1% Stearic Acid
0.5% Squalane OR Oat Oil
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus

Here’s the recipe for a larger batch to make 460 grams or 16.23 ounces:

345 grams water
59.8 grams Avocado Butter
13.8 grams Hydrovance
13.8 grams Emulsifying Wax
4.6 grams Stearic Acid

Apply this lotion before showering using an exfoliating glove or bath pouf, then reapply after a shower. Your skin will feel marvelous!

9.2 grams Calendula Extract
9.2 grams Orchid Extract
2.3 grams Oat Oil
2.3 grams Liquid Germall Plus



Weigh the first 5 ingredients into a beaker or microwave-safe bowl. Heat in short bursts until melted. Mix well and set aside to cool.

Weigh the last 4 ingredients into a separate beaker or bowl. It’s very helpful when measuring such small amounts to use pipettes. Be sure you have a pipette for each ingredient, so you don’t contaminate what’s in the bottle by dipping a used pipette into it. When the heated mixture has cooled below 120 degrees, add the last 4 ingredients and stir again.

I put the lotion into a half-pint glass canning jar with a plastic lid. I know we’ll go through it quickly, so I’m not worried about packaging. I’ll just set it in the bathroom and write on the jar so I can remember which recipe was in each jar. Remember that we HIGHLY recommend keeping glass packaging out of the bathroom for safety reasons, and I’m breaking the rules here.

The lotion on the left is made with Avocado Butter and Oat Oil. On the right is the formulation using Coconut Oil and Squalane.

To use the lotion for maximum benefit, it’s recommended you do some fairly strange stuff. Stay with me.

Apply a liberal amount of the lotion first thing in the morning BEFORE you shower. Use a bath pouf or exfoliating gloves to apply the lotion, then put your clothes on (or just grab a robe and have some coffee) and wait about an hour before taking a shower. (Because we have our morning chores with our goat farm, we easily have an hour before we can take a shower.) After bathing, your skin should still feel moisturized. That’s the Hydrovance at work. It collects moisture from the environment, so while you were in the shower, the Hydrovance was sucking up all that water and locking it in your skin.

After the shower, apply the So Sensitive Lotion again, but this time you don’t need to use the exfoliating tool. Just smooth it all over with your hands. Don’t forget to do your back! There are lotion applicators available to rub lotion over your back, or you can find another person willing to assist.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up this series with reflections on the finished product.

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