HSCG Conference – Juicy Peach Lotion

Juicy Peach Lotion

Hello adventurous makers! This year, the annual HSCG Conference is being held in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of the peaches. As part of our goodie bags, we have included a Peach Lotion.

To make it easy we made this lotion using our Goat Milk Cream Base, it is quite thick and feels luxurious on the skin. This base is also paraben free which is an awesome bonus. Did you know this cream has already been raved about by several of the attendees?

Since Andee and I are in Georgia, we thought it would be a perfect way to acknowledge the famous Georgia peaches by using the Peach Fragrance Oil. I think the fragrance is sweet and tangy, sophisticated and comforting, and very refreshing. If you are interested in mixing up a batch of this lotion, keep on reading for the directions!

Goat Milk Cream Base
Peach Fragrance Oil
Purple Raspberry Color
Lemon Yellow Color
Microwave Safe Container

Label for Juicy Peach Lotion



1 gallon pail Goat Milk Cream Base
0.5 ounces Peach Fragrance Oil
Q.S. Purple Raspberry Color (premixed with water)
Q.S. Lemon Yellow Color (premixed with water)

On this recipe I put Q.S. on the colors, that means quantity sufficient. Everyone has different preferences to color, so someone may like their lotion darker and others like it lighter. We used a ratio of 1 part Purple Raspberry and 4 parts Lemon Yellow. Use as much or a little color as you want!

When mixing these lotions we like to scoop all the cream into a bag, add the colors and fragrance, and then gently knead the cream to mix everything together directly in the bag! After everything is mixed together, we just cut a hole in the corner of the bag and pipe the cream into the jars.

We used a 2 oz Low Profile Jar and a Straight Sided Black Lid. Don’t forget to pick up some Size 58 Sealing Discs to help keep the lotion out of the cap  and reduce any leakage possibilities. I am so excited to hear what everyone thinks about this lotion. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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