Making M&P Soap with Girlfriends

Last weekend, I got together with a friend to have a girl’s day. We had a blast laughing, making cookies, and a batch of melt and pour soap. We decided to make a soap scented with a fresh, spring-like scent and when my friend gushed about The Meadow, I asked her to help me write up what she thought of her experience. Here’s what Marie had to say.

Finished bars of The Meadow soap.

Finished bars of The Meadow soap.

What do you picture when you hear “The Meadow”? Maybe a peaceful river surrounded by green grass and hundreds of fresh sweet smelling flowers in a rainbow of colors. A gentle breeze caressing your skin as you feel the warm sun wrap around you.

When Andee told me about this fragrance and that it was part of the Twilight collection, I can’t help but recall a scene from the popular teen trilogy. The main protagonist Bella and her love interest, Edward (a vampire), wander off in search of a beautiful hidden meadow deep in the woods. It is in this meadow where Edward first shows Bella his beautiful sparkling skin, which glistens and glitters in the sun. It is from here where I got the idea of making this melt and pour soap glittery. The fragrance I used is called “The Meadow,” add a little iridescent glitter and you get what I can only explain as “the Twilight scene in soap form!” So whether you come up with your own perfect meadow scene or think of Twilight, the fresh scent of this soap will transport you there! Best of all, it’s easy and fun to make.

Collect needed items:

The Meadow Fragrance Oil
Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter
Mixing Bowl or Bucket
Soap Molds of your choice

Recipe: (Makes 48 ounces)

Recipe in ounces:
48 ounces Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Base
0.72 ounces The Meadow Fragrance Oil
Q.S. Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter
Recipe in grams:
1360.80 grams Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Base
20.41 grams The Meadow Fragrance Oil
Q.S. Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter
Recipe in Percentages
98.5% Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Base
1.5% The Meadow Fragrance Oil
Q.S. Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter

I had a lot of fun making my melt and pour soap, the best part was the simplicity of the entire process. I started by cutting small chunks of the solid melt and pour soap off the solid block. This part was a workout! I used the soap cutter, you can use a knife but be careful! Once you’ve cut chunks of soap, start placing them in your microwave safe container. I used a large beaker that is in the blog kitchen. Once your desired amount of soap is all in your container, ZAP IT! The first time I heated my soap for a minute, after that I microwaved it in increments of 30 seconds. In between each round of 30 seconds, I removed my beaker and stirred to help the bigger pieces melt. Be very careful when removing your container from the microwave, it will get hot! Keep microwaving and stirring until all the soap is melted and there are no more solid pieces left.

Next, pour in your fragrance oil and keep stirring. We want to make sure we thoroughly incorporate the fragrance oil for even distribution. This next step is optional. After I had stirred in my fragrance oil, I added 4 scoops of the iridescent powder using a .15 cc scoop. Like I said, adding glitter is up to you and your interpretation of “The Meadow” (I happen to love anything with glitter!). Your final result in the container should be a lovely sparkling liquid (if you added glitter) with no soap chunks. Once all ingredients are combined slowly and carefully pour soap into the soap mold of your liking. I used a basic square mold, but go ahead and go wild! You’ll probably see some bubbles on the surface, don’t worry! That’s what the rubbing alcohol is for. Using your spray bottle, spray the alcohol directly on the surface of the soap. The bubbles will disappear before your very eyes! Magic! And guess what? That’s it, you’re pretty much done! Let the soap harden, preferably overnight, just to be safe. After your soap cools, carefully remove it from the mold and show it off to the world! You are now a melt and pour soap making machine! Or you can use it yourself and take a mini vacation to that meadow we were picturing. Whatever you choose to do with your new creation, ENJOY IT!


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