Spiced Orange Lip Balm 2

Finished tubes of the Spiced Orange Lip Balm.

Finished tubes of the Spiced Orange Lip Balm.

I just made the Spiced Orange Lip Scrub and now to follow up, I’m going to share the companion lip balm! This spiced orange lip balm is pleasantly spiced and I think it’s a well balanced flavor that would be loved year round.

This lip balm glides on smoothly and makes the lips feel fantastic for several hours before I felt another application was needed. I think I’ve found a new staple for my pocket! Come join me in the kitchen, and we’ll make this delicious lip balm.

Orange Butter
High Melt Point Shea Butter
Palm Kernel Oil
Beeswax, Yellow
Peach Kernel Oil
Castor Oil
Natural Vanilla Oil
Clove Leaf Essential Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Microwave Safe Container
Lip Balm Tubes & Caps
Lip Tube Filling Tray


Recipe in Grams
16 grams Orange Butter
84 grams Shea Butter High Melt Point
60 grams Palm Kernel Oil
80 grams Beeswax, Yellow
40 grams Peach Kernel Oil
115.8 grams Castor Oil
4 grams Natural Vanilla Oil
0.1 grams Clove Leaf Essential Oil
0.1 Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Recipe in Ounces
0.56 oz Orange Butter
2.96 oz Shea Butter High Melt Point
2.12 oz Palm Kernel Oil
2.82 oz Beeswax, Yellow
1.41 oz Peach Kernel Oil
4.08 oz Castor Oil
0.14 oz Natural Vanilla Oil
0.002 oz Clove Leaf Essential Oil
0.002 oz Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Recipe in Percentages
4% Orange Butter
21% Shea Butter High Melt Point
15% Palm Kernel Oil
20% Beeswax, Yellow
10% Peach Kernel Oil
28.95% Castor Oil
1% Natural Vanilla Oil
0.025% Clove Leaf Essential Oil
0.025% Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Weigh all of the oils except for the Natural Vanilla Oil, Clove Leaf and Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oils into a microwave safe container. Heat in 30-second increments until everything has melted. If the beeswax is being stubborn, remove the mixture from the microwave and stir well. This often will allow the beeswax to melt from the heat of the other oils. Once the oils have completely melted, add the Natural Vanilla Oil, Clove Leaf and Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oils. Stir well.

From here, you can either pipette the mixture into your tubes, or you can use a filling tray. I like using a filling tray because they are simple and fast. If you are using a filling tray, insert your tubes into your tray. Flood the tray with your melted lip balm. Allow the mixture to cool. Scrape off the excess. I like to use a plastic putty knife. Remove the tubes from the tray then cap.

If you are going to pipette the lip balm into the tubes, fill the tube until you get a dome of liquid lip balm at the top. Wax shrinks when it cools and doing this helps ensure that you get a nice-looking, rounded top. Fill all of your tubes making sure they are domed on the top before they cool. (You may need to reheat your lip balm during this process. This is normal and to be expected.) Allow the tubes to cool and cap.

Now you can give your lip balm an adorable label or put it into a cute bag. Enjoy this great lip balm or give as gifts!

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2 thoughts on “Spiced Orange Lip Balm

  • Kelly

    This and the companion lip scrub sound scrumptious! I did an ‘Orange Pomander’ soap last year and was really pleased at how it turned out- I used Valencia Orange EO, cinnamon and clove EO, a little lemongrass EO to help anchor the citrus, and very fine orange peel powder. The bit of lanolin I put in the soap batter really gave it a great feel on the hands, too!

    I always thought that clove and cinnamon EO’s should not be used in leave-on products (because I’d read that they could be irritating), but this looks like a really low percentage, so it gives me the confidence to go ahead and formulate similar products!

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

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    • Tina


      You are right! Cinnamon and clove, ginger and mace, nutmeg and cassia are all spice oils and they can be irritating to the skin. Using lightly is the answer! Orange is such a great scent it is hard to put down.


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