Spiced Orange Lip Scrub 2

The finished lip scrub.

The finished lip scrub.

Today we made a spiced Orange Lip Scrub. It’s the middle of our winter, and my lips are chapped! I didn’t know what to do with my lips, so I asked for an idea to make my lips feel smoother. After I had tried lip scrub, I was surprised how great my lips felt! Tomorrow, I’ll give you the companion lip balm recipe that I used to follow up after using this awesome lip scrub.

If you have never tried a lip scrub, I highly recommend one. Come join me in the kitchen for this easy and fantastic recipe!

Orange Butter
High Melt Point Shea Butter
Peach Kernel Oil
Natural Vanilla Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Clove Leaf Essential Oil
Orchid Extract
Granulated Sugar
Microwave Safe Container
Container of choice



Recipe in Grams
1 gram Beeswax
4 grams Orange Butter
14 grams High Melt Point Shea Butter
10 grams Peach Kernel Oil
1 gram Natural Vanilla Oil
0.025 grams Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
0.025 grams Clove Leaf Essential Oil
0.75 grams Orchid Extract
68 grams Granulated Sugar
Recipe in Ounces
0.036 ounces Beeswax
0.142 ounces Orange Butter
0.494 ounces High Melt Point Shea Butter
0.353 ounces Peach Kernel Oil
0.036 ounces Natural Vanilla Oil
0.009 ounces Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
0.009 ounces Clove Leaf Essential Oil
0.0265 ounces Orchid Extract
2.4 ounces Granulated Sugar
Recipe in Percentages
1% Beeswax
4% Orange Butter
14% High Melt Point Shea Butter
10% Peach Kernel Oil
1% Natural Vanilla Oil
0.025% Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
0.025% Clove Leaf Essential Oil
0.75% Orchid Extract
68% Granulated Sugar

I began by melting my Beeswax, Orange Butter, and High Melt Point Shea Butter together in a beaker in short bursts in the microwave until the Beeswax was completely melted. Then I added all of the other ingredients and mixed with a spoon until completely combined. After mixing, all that is needed is to scoop the finished lip scrub into the containers of your choice, close and label!

All you need to do to use a lip scrub is take a small pea sized amount and rub over your lips to exfoliate. Once you are finished, you can lick off the scrub or use a soft cloth to wipe off your lips. Apply a lip balm and you now have fabulous lips!

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