Gingerbread Cookie Lip Balm

Photo of Gingerbread houses

Photo of Gingerbread houses

Another one of my favorite treats around Christmas time is gingerbread cookies. Yes, I know, I have a lot of favorite treats. But you know how I am, I just can’t stay away from sugar! We have a delicious Gingerbread and Spice Fragrance Oil but no flavor oil so I set out on a mission to make a yummy flavor oil. This oil combination turned out really sweet. So when I tried out this flavor combination it took me back to a time in my childhood. Making gingerbread houses was one of my favorite activities because of course, you got to eat it in the end! Below is the recipe for the Gingerbread Cookie Flavor Oil. All you need to do in order to make this flavor oil is weigh all of the ingredients into a beaker, mix and enjoy! Simple, right?






Recipe in Grams
1 gram Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil0.5 grams Clove Leaf Essential Oil

2 grams Ginger Essential Oil

0.5 grams Black Pepper Essential Oil

51 grams Natural Vanilla Oil

22.5 grams Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil

22.5 grams Sugar Baby Flavor Oil

Recipe in Ounces

0.04 ounces Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

0.02 ounces Clove Leaf Essential Oil

0.07 ounces Ginger Essential Oil

0.02 ounces Black Pepper Essential Oil

1.8 ounces Natural Vanilla Oil

0.79 ounces Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil

0.79 ounces Sugar Baby Flavor Oil

Recipe in Percentages 

1% Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

0.5% Clove Leaf Essential Oil

2% Ginger Essential Oil

0.5% Black Pepper Essential Oil

51% Natural Vanilla Oil

22.5% Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil

22.5% Sugar Baby Flavor Oil

Recipe for Lip Balm:

Shea Lip Solutions
Gingerbread Cookie Flavor Oil
Microwave Safe Container
Heated Lip Solutions

Heated Lip Solutions

Finished Lip Balm

Finished Lip Balm









Heat the Lip Solutions until fully melted, then add the flavor oil. I added 4% which was about 0.4 ounces or 11.34 grams. Mix well until its combined then pour into the tube of your choice. Label and enjoy! This flavor combination makes almost 5 ounces of flavor oil. Which may seem like a lot and be a little overwhelming, but this oil can used again and again to make a delicious lip balm.



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