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If you ask my family, they will tell you that I am an absolute Halloween junkie! If I could, I would decorate every possible space in the yard just for Halloween! As it is, Halloween is not a holiday celebrated in China other than in bi-lingual schools. 🙁 So I […]

Happy Halloween!

You know at this time of year, we often think of the quote from the movie Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986). “They’re back!” Sometimes we find that small glitches seem to happen just when we least expect or want them! We had been changing our phone service provider and […]

We’re back!

Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday of October, on October 12, 1492 is when Christopher Columbus arrived to the Americas. Today many Government offices and schools are generally closed on this day, while many businesses remain open. The MMS team will be open on this day processing orders […]

Columbus Day – October 14