Free Lotion Samples: Cranberry, Creamy Chai Tea, and Earth

Samples, samples and samples! We are making so many samples lately and that is because we send out a sample for every order placed at Just leave a comment in the “notes” section if you want to try one of these scents, or any of the other scents that we have been preparing, and we will send it along with your order.

Today we are taking the Lotion Base, Paraben Free, 1 gallon of base and adding in 1 fl oz. of fragrance to each gallon of lotion and stirring until fully mixed, then filling samples sizes to ship in every order placed with

Cranberry – A very popular requested fragrance, this cranberry fragrance oil is a crisp, tart, and refreshing scent. Just in time for the holidays or any time you want a fresh berry scent that isn’t overly sweet, but definitely irresistible when it comes to berry scents.

Creamy Chai Tea – This scent has an herbal aroma with spices of ginger, nutmeg and cloves; it blends in a vanilla note to round out the spices and tea. Hum, I’m ready for a break! Going to head over to the closest coffee shop for my afternoon fix. I’m sure I can find a few friends to join me. This will complement my new Creamy Chai Tea Lotion Sample very well.

Earth – Yes, I am talking about Earth fragrance oil and yes it smells just earthy; like fresh turned dirt. A top requested item from hunters that use this scent in their soap for their bodies and clothes. Another favorite is to blend this earthy scent with Autumn Afternoon like Andee created in her Walking Dead Mini Bath Bombs blog. Check it out for a great afternoon treat, just in time for Halloween.

Remember, next time you place an order and want to try one of these many samples that we are preparing, add a note in the comments section and we will send it your way!



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