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I love lip products. I think more than half of my posts have been lip related, which is saying something because I have written a lot of blogs. Some of my favorite lip balms, lip sticks and lip glosses are creamy with smooth glide. They also don’t feel too heavy […]

Champagne Lip Gloss

After I made the Orange Peel Sugar Scrub, I started wondering about adding Ground Vanilla Bean Specks to make a orange and vanilla scrub. When I was a little girl, I remember eating orange creamsicles with my mom during the summer. Those orange creamsicles are one of the reasons I […]

Orange & Vanilla Bean Scrub

Let me start by telling you that I am not the Queen of Scrubs (that is Taylor’s title)! That being said, I like using scrubs on occasion. I was personally wanting a sugar scrub because my skin has been very dry and flaky as the weather changes to spring. When […]

Orange Peel Sugar Scrub

It is Freebie Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? I certainly am! I have quiet the case of spring and I don’t want to spend my weekend cooped up inside. I plan on going to a park with some friends and then do some sightseeing. What are you inspired […]

Freebie Friday!

Today we will start with Alkanet Root Powder. Alkanet Powder is dark purple in color. It reminded me a little of blueberry fiber. It also smelled earthy and slightly fruity. I don’t expect the earthy woody odor to come through the soap but I could be wrong. Let’s go find […]

Alkanet Root Powder Soap

WHEW! I’m home. I had a fantastic time at the Central Soapers Workshop in Overland Park, KS. Toto, I’ve never been to Kansas before, but I am definitely going back! People who live near the mountains have a terrible time navigating prairies. We just keep looking for mountains so we […]

Central Soapers