Freebie Friday!

To celebrate the first Friday of this year, I thought it would be nice to have a Freebie Friday. I love being able to try a new scent and Freebie Friday is a great way to do it. Just request a specific fragrance in the comments field in your order and we will include a sample if we have any remaining. Request yours today!


The first fragrance on our list today is Apricot Freesia.  You know, when I think of apricots I think of the heady aroma that comes with sitting under an apricot tree as they turn golden and ripen in soft, warm, gentle evening glow. There are some that are overly ripe and others that are sharp and green, while most are just perfect. We took the multidimensional scent of apricots and we add to this the spicy floral of freesia. You want a scent that will have you singing it praises till the cows some home? Well, here it is. Try Apricot Freesiatoday!

Next on our list today is Cotton. This is a very clean scent and very fresh. Do you know that smell of when your clothes come out of the dryer or of the cloths line on a gorgeous summer day? When you just want to snuggle into those clean sheets and take a nap in the sun? To me, this is Cotton. This is a personal favorite for me as a linen spray. While the sheets in the closet are clean, they don’t have that fresh out of the dryer scent. A linen spray with Cotton is a fast and easy way to revive those sheets and blankets. Guests coming? No problem! (At least when it comes to freshening the bedding. I can’t promise that it will do the housework too. Darn!)

Have you ever stood close to a honey bee hive? I know the sound can be really intimidating but I love to suit up in a full beekeepers suit just so I can smell the hive. In the summer, when the hive has been warmed by the sun, there is a faint and delectable scent of honey and pollen in the air. Add the scent of clover and ripening pear and a hint of apple and you have the fragrance Honey Pear. Wow! Sure to have your mouth watering and dreaming of those summer days.

I love going into little Asian shops where they have little water fountains, bamboo, incense and other exotic articles. For me it is a trip to lands far away without the expensive plane ticket. Our Elements of Bamboo smells much like those little shops. Crisp water, bamboo, ginger, cedar, lemon grass, lemon and tangerine notes blend together of an exotic, refreshing and reviving scent. What a great scent to discover Feng Shui and to balance your qi. Take a trip with Elements of Bamboo!

During the summer, I like to sit out by the garden in a chair reading a book. This way I can enjoy the scent of the flowers in bloom and the ripening fruits. [And perhaps snack once in a while. 🙂 ] Our Sunflower Fragrance Oil reminds me of when I do that. To this fragrance smells of rays of sunshine, breezes of vanilla and hints of musk with subtle notes of tree moss, ultra clean marine, and a twist of amber. Perfect for those dreaming of summer. Sunflower is a must try!

I love fruity and playful scents. They make me feel like a kid again. Wink is one of those scents. It makes me think of when I was younger. I would dance around the kitchen eating an apple or a peach or a pear, with the sticky juice running down my chin, flowing over my fingers and streaking down my arms. 🙂 With softer notes of florals, vanilla and wild berries, this is sure to please everyone from children to grandmas. Come join me and we’ll Wink!

I love floral scents. Some are really intense while others are gentle and demur. One of my favorites that falls into the gentle and demur category is Freesia. It is soft and delicate with delightful fresh twist. It could almost be classified as powdery but it is certainly a crowd pleaser. Even non-floral fans stop, take a deep sniff and say Mmnnn. The best part is that where this fragrance oil can be used is only limited by your imagination. Great for cold process soap, lotions, body butter, cuticle butters and creams, solid perfumes, spray perfumes, bath bombs, massage oils, dry linen sprays and more!

Last on our list today is Relaxation. This fragrance makes me think of an upscale spa. The kind that has glossy floors and a private garden filled with blooming flowers. 😳 Doesn’t that sound heavenly? It is a soft, elegant fragrance with a hint of carnation spiciness, transparent musk are surrounded by white lilies, hyacinth, jasmine, tuberose and vanilla with a touch of lemon. I am thinking of putting together a Blooming Bath Oil using Relaxation. That sounds just divine. Is work over yet? 😆

Remember, I will be sending 100 samples of each fragrance oil to shipping. If you want to try one in particular tell us in the comments field of your order. Don’t miss out on this special offer!


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