Freebie Friday! Er… Tuesday?

Ah… Freebie Friday. It has been a while since I have had a Freebie Friday so this week we are having Freebie Tuesday! With the final mad dash to the holidays and finals upon me, I have hardly had time to breathe let alone make soap! As I was scrambling for time and inspiration, I came upon some samples waiting to be sent out. So, in order to share some resources that might be a source of inspiration I have a Freebie Friday (er… Tuesday) for this week. Yay!

The first fragrance on my list today is Lavender Flowers. Sometimes lavender can be strong and medicinal and just way too intense. This fragrance is nothing like that. It is a genteel lavender that is soft, sweet and well rounded in its floral notes. Very popular on its own, I have seen it recommended to be blended with vanilla or chocolate. Yum. Either would be lovely but I think I would prefer the vanilla blend. 😉 Well, I will never know until I try both!

Next on our list to “discover” is Cotton. This is a fresh clean scent that is wonderful. I really like to use this fragrance as a linen spray. Things have a freshly washed odor and it almost smell like clothes have been hanging out on a line, sway in a delicate breeze.

Let’s turn our attention to Ginger. Our Ginger Fragrance Oil is spicy and fresh with a hint of floral. This is sure to be a hit! Don’t miss out on this fabulous scent for the holidays!

Now we can look at Romantic Wish.  This scent is a blend of orange, apple and pear. It is complemented by jasmine, lily and sweet melon, with a base note of sensual musk. I really like this scent. It is soft, sweet and feminine. This is a must try!

Next on our list today is Green Tea. Now this isn’t like a cold cup of over steeped tea. This is like a fresh hot cup of green tea with the delicate flavors just beginning to bloom and inviting the drinker in for the first sip. This is sure to delight any green tea drinker!

Let’s look at Relaxation now. This is a soft fragrance of white lilies, hyacinth, jasmine, tuberose and vanilla, that has a hint of musk and spice and a touch of lemon. This is a wonderful scent that invite you to slow down and relax. Try this in Cold Process soap. The scent blooms when wet. Wow!

Do you need a fragrance that is a treat? Try Pink Sugar! This olfactory treat has a strong base of vanilla wrapped up neatly with soft bergamot, sweet raspberry, delectable fig, rich caramel and sensual musk. Try this yummy fragrance without counting the calories. YAY!

Last on our list today is Wild Strawberry. This fragrance is absolutely luscious. This fragrance makes me think of warm summer days, when I have gone hiking in one of the local canyons and discover the treasure of wild strawberries. Wild strawberries are always small, but they have more flavor than what one can imagine.  In this fragrance, some one went hunting for wild strawberries and stuffed them in a bottle. This is a must have for every berry lover.

Now remember, you can request any of these fragrances in your next order. These are a great way to receive ideas and inspiration. Try it out!


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