Chocolate Oreo Truffles – Day 1

I am a chocolate fanatic. I love chocolate that is: dark, milk, white, hot, cold, liquid or in bars. Don’t even get me started on chocolate with chilies, cinnamon, orange, caramel, toffee, mint and even nuts! I love it all. (95%  of my candy drawer is chocolate. Surprised?) While browsing on the Dish Forum, I ran across this recipe for Oreo truffles. The name really caught my attention. Oreos have claimed plenty of attention during my life. I have a little story for you that I hope you enjoy.

I remember as a little girl, celebrating Christmas with my family. One year my aunt gave us a jar of Oreo Cookies with a ribbon tied around the top. Now this wasn’t a small pint jar. It wasn’t even a quart jar. It was one of those 4 GallonBall canning jars with the wire flip top to hold down the glass lid. This was before I was seven! That jar was almost as big as I was and it was filled to the brim with Oreos. My sister and I had cookies in our school lunch boxes, for snacks after school and even for dessert after dinner! LOL! 😆 Can you IMAGINE how many truffles that would make? 😯 Come join me in the kitchen for some yummy and easy treats.

Collect Needed Items:

Original Oreo Cookies
Cream Cheese
Vanilla Extract
Food Processor
Cookie Sheet


1 package Original Oreo Cookies
8 oz Cream Cheese
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

In a food processor, grind up the package of Oreos into a fine powder. Make sure there are no lumps left. Add the 8 oz package of cream cheese. Blend until smooth. There should not be any streaks of cream cheese. It should be blended thoroughly. At this point form the dough into balls and refrigerate overnight. Tomorrow we will coat these in chocolate.

Note: You may want to chill the mixture for an hour before forming into bit size balls. Otherwise the dough is hard to shape and is very sticky.

Coarsely Ground Oreos

Finely Ground Oreos

Adding Cream Cheese

Blended Mixture

Adding Vanilla Extract

Scooping Out Truffle Mixture

Shaping Truffle

First Shaped Truffle

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