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I get to talk with a lot of people and answer questions. One of the most common questions I get is also the hardest to answer. “What is your favorite fragrance?” ACK! I never know how to answer this. There are sooo many great ones out there. So, I am doing Freebie Friday! I will list five fragrances and tell you why I like them. If you would like to try a 5 mL bottle, request one in your order today! The shipping department has 100 bottles of EACH scent. These will move fast!

The first fragrance on my list today is Crystal Blue. Are you looking for a nice clean scent for men? Look no further! This scent is great. It is fresh and clean with marine notes. It is very sporty and has a twist of citrus. I have even worn it myself and I can’t tell you how many men will say, “You smell great.” To me, this fragrance oil demands to be put into soaps, scrubs and perfume sticks and sprays. This one is a must have in your collection.

Next on my list is Egyptian Musk. This fantasy fragrance is just divine. It is musky with vanilla and base floral notes. To me, when you open the bottle, it smells like the odor has been aged and is only getting better. Egyptian Musk has deep bold musky notes with a sensual vanilla and a velvety wisp of floral. I think Egyptian Musk is an age old fragrance for me. I always find myself returning for more. I really like this fragrance in lotions, sachets and candles. You know, this would make great candles or candle melts for your autumn dinner parties. Test this one for yourself today!

Let’s move onto the next fragrance in our collection today, Polynesian Red. This scent is fun and fruit but sensual. Trust me, you don’t smell like a fruit bowl with this delectable scent. While fruity notes are at the core of this scent it has a hint of moss, floral and marine notes. If you are looking for an island get away this is it. While other members of the staff like it in lotions and soaps, I have found the most raving reviews in hair products. It lingers all day for that sunny get away. What a fun scent as fall slowly begins to descend. Don’t miss out on your last summer get away!

Now we will take a look at our 21 Fragrance Oil. This is a fun and flirty scent that is bubbly and fruity, wrapped neatly with sweet, smooth vanilla. Notes of coconut, bergamot, lavender, and sea air blend smoothly into a delectable buttery vanilla. This scent is great, allowing woman old and young be 21. My favorite thing I have ever made with this scent was a white and pink swirled soap with glitter. I was so enchanted with that soap it nearly broke my heart to send it out the door. This scrumptious scent is a must for any woman.

Finally, we have Pina Smoothie. Just so you are aware, I adore pineapple and coconut. In the summer, I will have a Pina Colada Smoothie for lunch. Yum! Absolute bliss! This fragrance makes me just salivate. I could nearly swear you could drink it up; it smells so good. In this scent, creamy coconut and ripe pineapple blend to make a smell so great, it makes me want to weep. I can feel the setting sun on my skin while I sit with drink in hand, waves lapping at my feet. Let me remind you, pineapple is the dominating scent in this fragrance. Even if coconut isn’t on your favorite scents list you will enjoy this juicy, tropical sensation. This fragrance is fun in a white soap with yellow calendula petals, cute and fun!

Don’t miss out on ANY of these great scents and I will see you soon with another Freebie Friday! Enjoy!


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