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I found Jean’s Heirloom Cream and the Honey Heirloom to be so intriqing and inspiring that I just HAD to do it with Hydrovance. I must admit, I am amazed at the dramatic difference that occurs in this cream when you change the humectant in these creams. Wow! It is […]

Hydrovance Heirloom Cream

Yesterday I OOPSED. Today I am going to fix this heirloom cream. When making this cream I was rather stuck in what I should scent this with. As I got to the end however, I decided there was no way you could talk me into covering that delicious honey odor. […]

Honey Heirloom Cream

I found Jean’s Heirloom Hand Cream to be really enjoyable and inspiring. I just loved how dewy and velvety my skin felt and looked! I began to ponder if I could make this recipe using honey. My father keeps bees and believe me… we are nearly drowning in the stuff! […]

Honey Heirloom Cream – Oops

Many products that combat acne and other blemishes are very drying to the skin, which tends to make the problem worse. I wanted a light and moisturizing cream that would keep the skin soft and from feeling dry or stripped.I love the feel of Jojoba Oil but I learned a […]

Tea Tree Moisturizing Cream

This morning I received an e-mail from our UPS representative about a disruption in operations in their main U.S. operation center. I’ve attached the text from the email for you to read. We would like to advise you that last night’s severe weather in Louisville, KY, caused significant disruption to […]

UPS Shipping Alert

I love face masks. They give me time to slow down and do something for myself. In the heat of summer, it is especially nice to slow down, take a cool bath, apply a cool mask and put slices of cucumbers over the eyes. If you need to, please lock […]

Tea Tree Mask