It is Tea Tuesday! Blueberry and Peach 3

I just finished putting the finishing touches on my tea offering yesterday. We got a lot of snow last week and we are really enjoying that beautiful white stuff! Our land was almost bare and just looking winter dead, so this white coating on everything is really a beautiful sight. If you haven’t received your tea from last week where I sent Cranberry Apple, Pomegranate and Raspberry, then wait a few days and check your mailbox. The last of the note cards went out yesterday through our Wellsville Post Office.

Today I have a collection of Blueberry or Peach Herbal tea. If you can’t decide, tell me and I’ll send one of each. Both are very good hot or iced. We seem to drink as much iced tea in the winter as we do in the summer! Since blueberries don’t grow well in Utah, our soil is too alkaline, we really enjoy the fresh, frozen and canned items that come in to our markets. Peaches do grow here and we locals feel we have some of the best peaches on Earth. Even our neighboring city, Brigham City, offers a Peach Days celebration each fall.

Remember how this works, use the Contact Us page, select the radio button that says Community Pursuits and send your address and tea preference to me. Last week, Debbie suggested we synchronize our clocks and have tea together. I love that idea!
So many of you told me that you were feeling under the weather and needed a pick me up, or that you had just finished your taxes and wanted a stress-less moment.

Either way, enjoy this cup of tea and a note that isn’t bills, junk or a demand letter that looks like a bill but is really junk. We all need good vibes in our mailbox and I am having a ton of fun sending these cards to our readers.

Thank you,

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3 thoughts on “It is Tea Tuesday! Blueberry and Peach

  • Kinky Witch

    I don’t want to be greedy, but if someone *cough me cough* has already received a sample of tea from the Cheeseburgers in Paradise offer, can that someone request another sample?

    BTW, the Mango and Peach tea was absolutely delicious!


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    • Andee


      We like having happy mailboxes, and we hope you do too! You are more than welcome to request as many letters as you want!

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  • MKMmom

    Received my tea today, can’t wait to give it a try. I enjoying going to the mailbox on Mondays. : ) Thank you.

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