Swap Feature – Esther’s Good Morning Breakfast Scrub Bar 6

Good Morning Breakfast Scrub Soap Bar.

As I shared yesterday, we recently had a “My Favorite Recipe to Share” soap swap on The Sage Forum. Everyone sent in wonderful soaps and I felt that all of their time and effort into their soaps needed some extra special recognition. I hope you are enjoying this collection of soap recipes as much as I am!

Esther’s soap was the only Hot Process soap that was sent in and I do have to admit, her soap has me wanting to try Hot Process soap myself! When I received her package, I just about drooled over all the soaps because her soap smelled just like breakfast. Not just any breakfast either! I think this soap smells like hot oatmeal with cinnamon and honey drizzled over the top, served with a bowl of berries and grapefruit as well as a steaming cup of vanilla cappuccino. Ah, she truly made a breakfast soap! She even made cute cigar bands with the most adorable mice on them for her soaps!

Esther’s Recipe:

Extra scrubby and it smells like breakfast.

22 oz Shortening
16 oz Lard
22 oz Olive Oil
12 oz Coconut Oil
6 oz Castor Oil
4 oz Butter

11.8 oz Lye
12 Goat’s Milk- 1 can (frozen in tray and broken up)
6 oz Yogurt (Plain)
12 oz Water
4 Tbsp. Raw Honey

4 TBSP Ground Coffee
2 TBSP EACH (Rolled Oats, Steel Cut Oats, Cornmeal, Sea Salt, Grapefruit Peel)
1Tsp Cinnamon
2 to 3 TBSP FO (I used Grapefruit, Vanilla and Blackberry)

Esther’s Notes:

Hot Process Method: (though it would probably convert to CP easily)
1. Measure fats and melt in crock pot on high.
2. Mix liquids together, including honey.
3. Add lye (will turn ORANGE and look awful) stir until dissolved.
4. Add to melted fats.
5. Stick blend until trace.
6. Put lid on pot and use time to prepare molds.
7. When it reaches the neutral-vaseline-‘done’ stage add dry ingredients and FO.
8. Stir well.
9. Glop into molds.
10. When cool and solid, cut into squares. Will look like chocolate.


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6 thoughts on “Swap Feature – Esther’s Good Morning Breakfast Scrub Bar

  • Rosebud Crafters

    I think this is really fascinating. Like the old fashioned soap my neighbor made when I was very small, she was in her ninety’s. That was forty years ago! But she used to add grains, flowers and fruits to soaps. That is where I fell in love with the craft. I have never made hot process soap before. What does the Vaseline stage mean? Consistency? Thank you for passing this on.

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  • Wanda

    I have used the oven hot process for the last 4 batches and each have turned out perfect. And I’m a beginner. If I had the talent I would post a pic or two. Luckily for you I don’t know how. But, seriously I’ve become a soap nut and soaping everyday I can.

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  • Judy

    I make cold process soap, but have been wanting to try Hot process and this recipe looks wonderful and bet it smells wonderful too. In the recipe it says: 12 goat’s milk- (one can frozen in tray and broken up). Does this mean 12 cans of goat’s milk along with the 12 ozs of water? Want to make sure I understand before I start. Thank you for this recipe.

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    • Andee Post author

      Yes. When Esther made this soap, she used a total of 30 ounces of liquids, 12 ounces Goat’s Milk, 6 oz Yogurt, and 12 oz Water.
      I hope this helps!

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