Swap Feature – Brittany’s Huckleberry Buttermilk Soap 1

Huckleberry Buttermilk Soap

We recently had a soap swap on The Sage Forum. This swap was so much fun! Our theme was “My Favorite Recipe to Share”. Everyone sent in wonderful soaps and I felt that all of their time and effort into their soaps needed some extra special recognition. I hope you enjoy this collection of soap recipes as much as I am!

Brittany’s soap was the only milk soap that was sent in and I think she made a lovely milk soap! She used the Half & Half method that I showed back in February of this year. When I received her package I had to promptly hide it because the Huckleberry soap smelled so good and I had some people trying to “borrow” a bar or two for home! This soap smells just like fresh huckleberries. Her cigar bands are also adorable! Can you believe she made these by hand on blank paper with markers?

Brittany’s Recipe:

545 grams Coconut Oil
454 grams Canola Oil
454 grams Lard
172 grams Olive Oil

192 grams Distilled Water
219 grams Lye

192 grams Buttermilk
1 ounce Huckleberry Fragrance Oil

Brittany’s Notes:

I used Andee’s half and half method with the buttermilk.

Note: You may notice a slight purple tinge. I tried to color the soap with 1 teaspoon lavender color, but it clearly wasn’t enough. Oops!


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One thought on “Swap Feature – Brittany’s Huckleberry Buttermilk Soap

  • Wanda

    Beautiful. I haven’t had the extra funds just yet to buy EO or FO but I have gotten some nice fragrances using spices and herbs grounded in my coffee grinder.

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