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Last week, I received an e-mail from Michelle and this is what she said. “Just had a great Twilight-themed spa party thanks to your products! I got the Body Milk Kit, Glycerin Scrub Kit and Vegan Lip Gloss Kit (Honey Flavor), along with the Bella & Edward fragrances. The girls loved it and trust me, 12 year olds are a tough crowd! I did 1 mess-up – the scrub jars were too big for my shower caddy goody bags, so I ended up with smaller mason jars but I am sure they will get used in the future! Thanks again!”

I e-mailed her back and asked for pictures as well as for more information about the party so I could share with you. Her response was so descriptive, I just copied it for your perusal.

“I was looking on the internet for ideas and was thinking about a spa party for about eight 12 year old girls. We have a place locally that does this and it would be about $20 for just a scrub! I am pretty crafty, and when I came across your site, once I saw the Bella & Edward fragrance I knew I had to run with it. The kits looked so easy and economical I figured that was the way to go (and just get the fragrance separate).

I set up the dining room table ahead of time to keep organized and get them excited when they walked in. For each project, though, I did bring supplies into kitchen. First we did the body milk – I let them pump right into bottles halfway, drop in their fragrance, color & glitter (vampires sparkle you know!) then shake it up, then top off the bottle and re-shake. Next we did the scrub. While we were doing this I had the Vegan lip base (they are ‘vegetarian vampires’) melting in it’s jar in my chocolate melter. I did pipette that into the pots for them since it was hot. Lastly, I had given out a white washcloth and black hair tie and we made a face mask with yogurt and oatmeal which they put on with cucumber slices on their eyes.



They really had a blast and kept saying how fun it was. As they were done with each take-home product, I had a plastic ‘shower caddy’ goody bag for them to put it in to not get mixed up with the others.

I had such a great experience I will probably do this with my Brownie Troop (although they are younger).

Thanks so much again! I will be back for sure!”

I had a good time reading about your experience. This sounds so fun! I wonder where I could round up a few 12 year olds for my own party!


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2 thoughts on “Twilight Party Hosted by Michelle

  • timtoys

    I bet the girls had a blast!! My daughters are crazy about Twilight as well. This sounds like so much fun to try!!!

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  • Zany

    Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing, Michelle! Andee, I’m with you, sure wish I could find a gaggle of 12-year-old girls to do this with! What fun!

    Zany in CO

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