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Iā€™m Treva, guest blogger today. I work in the Graphics Department here at Majestic Mountain Sage.

Are you on your feet all day? I have a cream that will make your feet feel revived. When I got home last night, my feet were really tired and achy. Before I went to bed, I grabbed my Minty Foot Cream. My daughter even offered to rub the cream on my feet. (I did return the favor.) The foot massage was wonderful!

Today I am going to show you how to make the best foot cream EVER! This cream will not only make your feet feel cool and tingly, but it will also soften them. Who doesn’t need that this time of year?

You will need:

1 pail Head to Toe Cream Base
Bucket wrench
1 fl oz Peppermint Essential Oil
1 fl oz Spearmint Essential Oil
Collect the premixed colors we made on January 12, 2009
2 Small Transfer Pipettes (These have the markings on the side to help with measuring.)
Long Handled spoon or spatula
Zipper Bags
Wide mouth drinking cup
30 of the 4 oz PET Low Profile Jars (or jars of your choice)
30 of the 70 mm Black Straight Lids (or lids of your choice)

Remove the tear tab from the lid of the Head to Toe Cream pail. Using the bucket wrench, pull up on the tabs to loosen the lid from your bucket.

Use a small pipette to measure 26 mL of the Peppermint Essential Oil, then add it to your cream; use a different pipette to measure 8 mL of the Spearmint Essential Oil, and add to your cream. This fragrance usage rate is higher because this is intended to be a foot cream. Note: If you want to make a Minty Body Cream, use 13 mL of Peppermint and 4 mL of Spearmint instead. The Fragrance Calculator can help if you have questions.

I think I will use a mint green color. We want to start off with a subtle color, because we can always add, but we can’t take it away. I started with 6 drops of blue and 3 drops of yellow. After stirring it for a couple of minutes, the color was too blue, so I added 2 more drops of yellow. Stir, stir, stir. Make sure you stir to the bottom of the bucket to get the color and essential oil evenly distributed throughout the pail. We don’t want to get to the bottom of the bucket and find white cream. This would mean we did a terrible job at mixing!

Once you have the color you want, get your zip bags and a wide mouth drinking cup. Open the bag and insert it into the cup. Fold down the top to keep the zipper area clean. The cup will support the bag while you fill it. Zip the bag closed, cut about 1/2″ off the corner to make a pastry style bag, twist the bag from the top; now you are ready to start filling your jars. The easiest way to fill is to insert the cut corner all the way down into the jar. Squeeze firmly and consistently. Slowly raise the bag as the jar fills. You will get a perfectly filled jar with practice. Wipe any excess cream off the jar and put on the lid.

Using a paper towel polish the manufacturing wax off the lid. This is most obvious on a black lid. Apply the labels, and now you are ready to give your feet a nice treat.

These make great gifts for your family and friends. Enjoy!

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