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I think we are lip scrub junkies here! Lip scrubs are easy to make, and are great additions to gift baskets, product lines and more. If you already offer body scrubs and lip balms, then you should try lip scrubs. They are easy, fun and even tasty!


Are you still worried about lip scrubs being complicated? Don’t worry about it! I’ll tell you why I chose the ingredients I did so you can see how easy they are. Let’s go have some fun!

Sugar: To have a lip scrub, one must use an exfoliant and sugar is the kinder exfoliant to the lips. (Plus it tastes good!)

Coffee Butter: To make a proper coffee lip scrub, it is a requirement to use this yummy butter!

Shea Butter: I love the texture that Shea Butter contributes to a finished lip scrub. The creamy feel and low odor of Shea Butter makes it an ideal ingredient to use.

Peach Kernel Oil: I enjoy using Peach Kernel Oil in a variety of lip products because it doesn’t feel a heavy or tacky feeling on the lips like Castor Oil can have.

Vitamin E Acetate: I wanted to extend the shelf life of this product by slowing the oxidation process. Vitamin E Acetate was my first choice!

I flavored this lip scrub with Natural Vanilla Oil and Coffee Flavor Oil. This scrub really doesn’t need the extra sweetener, so we can skip using the Sugar Baby or Sugar Kisses Flavors. Trust me, it is fabulously yummy without these extra flavors!

The finished lip scrub on my finger.

The finished lip scrub on my finger.

Ingredients weighed into the food processor bowl.

Ingredients weighed into the food processor bowl.

Let’s go make some now!

Collect needed items:

Coffee Butter
Shea Butter
Peach Kernel Oil
Vitamin E Acetate
Coffee Flavor Oil
Natural Vanilla Oil
Transfer Pipettes
Microwave safe container
Food Processor *See Notes*
10 mL Lip Balm Jars

Recipe: (Makes 100 grams or 3.53 ounces)

Recipe in ounces:
2.29 ounces Sugar
0.35 ounces Coffee Butter
0.35 ounces Shea Butter
0.35 ounces Peach Kernel Oil
0.04 ounces Vitamin E Acetate
0.01 ounces Coffee Flavor
0.04 ounces Natural Vanilla Oil
Recipe in grams:
65 grams Sugar
10 grams Coffee Butter
10 grams Shea Butter
10 grams Peach Kernel Oil
1 grams Vitamin E Acetate
3 grams Coffee Flavor
1 grams Natural Vanilla Oil
Recipe in Percentages:
65% Sugar
10% Coffee Butter
10% Shea Butter
10% Peach Kernel Oil
1% Vitamin E Acetate
3% Coffee Flavor
1% Natural Vanilla Oil

Weigh all of the ingredients into the food processor bowl. Gently pulse the ingredients together until thoroughly mixed. Once the scrub is mixed together, fill the jars and cap.

If you want to make a small batch, you can easily use a small personal blender like I did for these photos. I used a food processor attachment for a stick blender.

How do I use this?:
I’ve been asked over the phone about how I use a lip scrub, so here is how I use a lip scrub. Scoop a pea sized amount out of the jar. Using your finger, rub the scrub over your lips. Don’t scrub too much, or you can irritate your lips. Now you can either wipe your lips off, or lick them! Apply a lip balm and now you have pampered your lips!

This simple lip scrub reminds me of a sweet coffee treat and is a great way to get your coffee flavor fix without indulging on a large coffee. I hope you enjoy this scrub as much as I do!


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2 thoughts on “Coffee Lip Scrub

  • lynn

    I’m curious. If I don’t have a food processor, or stick blender, could I melt the oils and then proceed to mix them by hand? I would really like to try this recipe but lack the kitchen appliances noted above.

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