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Hand sanitizer what a great item to have around, expecially this time of year. You do not want to catch a cold, so wash your hands often and when you are not able to wash with soap use a hand sanitizer. We made some great hand sanitizer gifts in our […]

Hand Sanitizer

What an enjoyable and information packed class! We had several students that were new to making lotion from scratch and I even heard that this was more fun than cooking! The following areas were discussed in details; equipment, ingredients, terminology and the math. Then after doing the math we made […]

Making Lotion from Scratch Class

We had a blast making bath bombs during our last Stocking Stuffer classes. Bath bombs are super easy to make and they also are fantastic gifts for those people that are hard to find gifts for. This is an easy recipe to follow and it is listed below. Collect needed […]

Bath Bombs – What a Blast!