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Hand sanitizer what a great item to have around, expecially this time of year. You do not want to catch a cold, so wash your hands often and when you are not able to wash with soap use a hand sanitizer. We made some great hand sanitizer gifts in our last class and I’ll explain the process.

Hand Sanitizer
Fragrance Oil
Bottle and cap, we used the 4 oz boston round with a pump top and disc tops

Use Caution, Caution, and some more Caution when fragrancing this product – we used 1/2 ml or less per 4 oz of product. Fragrances are nice in room sprays but when you apply hand sanitizer to your hands you do not want any fragrance lingering about. Experience or trial and error told me that you are bound to touch that sandwhich or other finger food and trust me fragrance oils do not taste very good.

After pumping the hand sanitizer into the bottle add your fragrance, place the cap on and shake until thouroughy mixed. You may see a slight variation in color throughout the product until it is mixed together. A good tip to hold the bottle in your hand and move your hand back and forth like you are opening a door knob, do this quickly without hurting yourself for a minute or so until mixed. Apply a nice label to the bottle and you are all done!

We have a few one gallon Body Gel/Hand Sanitizer left over from a special order, this is only for will call orders. This item is not listed in the catalog so if you would like a gallon or more and you are able to pick up your order in Nibley then make sure you call the office and order before it’s all gone. If you are not able to pick up an order then you can purchase any hand sanitizer from a local store and add fragrances and bottle as you choose.



Hand SanitizerHand Sanitizer adding fragranceHand Sanitizer pumping into bottle      Fragrances which one do I choose first



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2 thoughts on “Hand Sanitizer

  • Christine

    Please help – whenever I scent hand sanitizer it ends up being cloudy and/or liquidy, either immediately or over time. I have used anywhere from 0.25% to 1% fragrance oil. Are the fragrances I’ve chosen not compatible with store-bought hand sanitizer and how would I verify that? Do I need to include some polysorbate as an emulsifier? I am making these for personal use and gifts. Thank you!

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    • Tina

      The issue is that the gel is a very fragile structure and the addition of a fragrance oil is breaking that gel. You might try a different hand sanitizer that is not a gel. I really like the 3M Avagard D product. It is more of a lotion texture. I have not tried scenting this product but I think the overall structure is more likely to handle the fragrance addition.


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