Monthly Archives: May 2022

This week we’ll consider all things salty. To begin, I’m making a salt scrub scented with Sea Salt Fragrance Oil. It’s a simple place to start. Scrubs are a great way to bring the spa experience home. I find that my extra dry hands love a quick wash followed by […]

Sea Salt Scrub

We often are asked about how to create a lotion formula. Today I’m going to discuss what goes into lotion. The five necessary components are: • water • oils • emulsifier • humectant • preservative Everything else is optional and either added for label appeal or specific properties. WATER Water […]

Bones of a Lotion Formula

I set out yesterday to make soap, but what I made was a mess. Because this might help someone else, I’ll share my experience here. The recipe I used was just fine, and I ran it through our Lye Calculator to determine how much water and lye needed to be […]

Soap On A Stick – DRAT!

Babies have the most incredible skin – so soft and new and wonderful. Today I’m going to make a simple massage oil to support that baby skin and help baby relax. I’ll start with Apricot Kernel or Avocado Oil. Both oils offer nourishing components and have minimal risk of allergic […]

Baby Massage Oil

I was thinking about how to make my lotions more liquid. I seem to always end up with thick creams instead of fluid lotions, even when I set out to make a more fluid formulation. When encountering a problem like this, I find it’s very helpful to contact our Technical […]

Making A More Fluid Lotion