Fragrance Friday: All The Almonds

I’m going to mix things up a bit this week and feature two similar fragrances.

Intense Almond is one of those iconic fragrances that nearly everyone loves.

It gives a down home, warm, wrap-you-in-comfort feeling. This is a good one to put in facial bars or luxurious body bars.

Honey Almond is a wonderful combination of sweet, golden honey mixed with the very popular almond scent.

Most people love to put this in oatmeal or facial soap. You might want to try it with milk or lanolin soaps to give that sweetly soft, caressing scent. A great feature of Honey Almond is that is barely discolors your soap batter!

Almond fragrances work very well in lotions, also. I had a facial one time during which the esthetician used an almond-scented lotion on my face. It smelled so delightful, and I ended up buying a bottle to use myself. Since then, I’ve noticed almond fragrances are often used in moisturizing products.

I hope you’ll give Intense Almond or Honey Almond a try. You really can’t go wrong with either one!

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About Denise

I'm a crazy goat lady who got into making my own soap with goat milk, found MMS to order supplies, and now I get to combine my love of creating skin care products with a job to pay the feed bill. I live in Alaska and greatly enjoy the unique aspects of my northern home - summer days when it never gets dark and the Northern Lights dancing above in winter. Favorite scents include Wild Mint and Ivy, Rhubarb & Sugar Cane, and Eucalyptus Spearmint.

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