Getting “Extra” To Add Value

There’s no doubt that handmade skin care products are popular. The possible combinations of scents and oils is almost endless!

Lotions can go from basic to bodacious with just a small addition.

Today let’s focus on something extra: additives that can really add value to your products in terms of efficacy and label appeal.


When it comes to adding value, extracts are a great way to do that. We carry 19 extracts suitable for adding to your lotions, creams, serums, masks – basically anything that is put on the skin can benefit from extracts!

Upscale body care products frequently use extracts not only as value-added ingredients, but they also use them in promoting what their product will do for the user. Individual makers can do the same thing!

For example, Orchid Extract is a very popular ingredient in high-end skin care products. Orchids have long been used for reparative and protective properties, moisturizing, fighting free radicals, and reducing the appearance of fine lines. How’s that for some great marketing?

Calendula Oil Extract is another popular addition to topical applications. Calendula is noted for its anti-inflammatory properties; it is also suggested to combat rough, scaly, and dry skin. It’s a great addition to baby care or after-sun products.

How about just one more? Matcha Green Tea Extract  is a good anti-oxidant, anti-aging, sunburn protection, and skin-soothing agent. This extract is a good source of antioxidants, polyphenols, and alkaloids. You probably already recognize the alkaloids caffeine and theobromine. Use this extract to attract the mature market segment.

The greatest thing about adding extracts is that the usage rate is low – generally 2-4% – so it really does add a lot of value without adding a lot of extra expense!


There are many other additives that can increase label appeal. Here are just a couple.

Liquid Silk helps skin retain moisture and promotes skin elasticity and a smooth complexion. This is a great additive to facial products!

Squalane Oil is a naturally occurring substance found in human skin. It is a fabulous moisturizer and lubricator, creating ultra-moisturizing lotions or creams.

Use additives to take your lotions, creams, and other skin care products to the next level. If you need some help figuring out how to go about adding something to your formula, get in touch with our Technical Support team by emailing We’re always happy to lend a hand!

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About Denise

I'm a crazy goat lady who got into making my own soap with goat milk, found MMS to order supplies, and now I get to combine my love of creating skin care products with a job to pay the feed bill. I live in Alaska and greatly enjoy the unique aspects of my northern home - summer days when it never gets dark and the Northern Lights dancing above in winter. Favorite scents include Wild Mint and Ivy, Rhubarb & Sugar Cane, and Eucalyptus Spearmint.

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