Forks Fragrance Room Spray

I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Even though it is a bit south of the area in the Pacific Northwest that inspired Forks Fragrance Oil (a town in Washington named Forks, which was the setting of Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight book series), many of the scents are the same as those of my childhood.

Today I’m taking you on an adventure to the Pacific Northwest, Sierra Nevada mountains, and other mountainous woodsy areas. My favorite thing about Forks Fragrance Oil is that it is not overpoweringly evergreen. The blend is masterfully crafted, and I felt a room spray would be the perfect way to spread around this clean scent. Here’s the catalog description:

“Forks is very green and woody, an evergreen with fresh mountain rains to clear the air. Moss, vetiver, and lemon round out this scent to be unisex and masculine and fresh all at the same time.”

While the temperatures are dropping and I’m looking for new scents for my home, I’m not ready for the spiced holiday scents. Forks in a room spray is a perfect compromise, and this project could hardly be easier! Here’s the short list of what you’ll need.


Forks Fragrance Oil
Polysorbate 80


Transfer Pipettes
Measuring Cup with spout
Something to stir (A fork is great!)
Spray Closure


5 mL Forks Fragrance Oil
5 mL Polysorbate 80
12 ounces warm water

For this recipe, we don’t even need a scale! Using a 3 mL transfer pipette, measure 5 mL Forks Fragrance Oil and 5 mL Polysorbate 80 into a small container. Give it a swirl to combine.

This is what you’ll need to make a room spray.

Adding fragrance oil and Polysorbate 80 mixture to the water.

The mixture will turn cloudy, so don’t be shocked.

Give it a stir – with a fork, of course!

Pour the fragrance mixture into a 12-oz bottle, and add warm water to fill. Make sure to leave head space for the bottle’s spray mechanism. Top the bottle with a pump-spray or trigger spray. (We have a neat option of a 12-ounce trigger sprayer bottle set here.)

If you want to package this in smaller bottles like I did, add the scent mixture to 12 ounces of warm water, stir gently to mix, then package in whatever size bottles you will use. I used a fork to stir; I couldn’t resist!

Pour the room spray into bottles.

Full bottles waiting to be capped.

Now spray it around your room and enjoy! Don’t spray it where you have smooth floors. We don’t want you to make your floors slippery and cause a fall. You can spray it on upholstery, but here’s a neat trick if you have leather/vinyl or just don’t want to spray any fabric. Take a paper towel, mist it with the room spray, and stick it under a chair or behind a couch. The scent will evaporate and delight you.

This recipe will work with any fragrance oil or essential oil. Give it a try with your favorite – you know, that one you can’t stop sniffing when you’re making something; then tell us what you made! 🙂

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