Whipped Turmeric Body Butter

I’m back with an anhydrous mixture featuring our incredible Turmeric Butter, with my recipe inspired by Creamed Shea Body Butter.

Finished jars of the Whipped Turmeric Body Butter.

I didn’t have Liquid Shea Oil as used in the Creamed Shea Body Butter, so I asked Technical Support to give me some alternatives. The suggested substitutes are Hemp Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, or Avocado Oil.

I chose to use Hemp Oil. While Avocado Oil is a fantastic moisturizer, I use it a lot and wanted to try something different. And Hemp Oil has a lot to offer!

Hemp is one of the driest feeling natural oils, absorbing quickly into the skin. That is one property I wanted, as anhydrous mixtures can feel very greasy and take a long time to absorb. Hemp also contains a high concentration of the four essential fatty acids that skin needs, meaning it provides unparalleled nourishment and hydration for your skin. Combined with the benefits of Turmeric Butter, that makes this body butter a powerhouse for skin that needs a lot of TLC.

Let’s see how this all comes together. Gather your supplies and make some body butter with me!


Turmeric Butter
Hemp Oil
Natural Vitamin E
Fragrance (I used Somali Rose)


Microwave-safe container or double boiler
Stick blender or hand mixer with a whisk attachment
Transfer Pipettes

This recipe could not be simpler. I made a 100-gram test batch.

100-gram Test Batch

90 grams Turmeric Butter
9.4 grams Hemp Seed Oil
0.3 grams Natural Vitamin E
0.3 grams Fragrance

24 ounces

21.6 ounces Turmeric Butter
2.26 ounces Hemp Seed Oil
0.07 ounces Natural Vitamin E
0.07 ounces Fragrance


90% Turmeric Butter
9.4% Hemp Seed Oil
0.3% Natural Vitamin E
0.3% Fragrance


Weigh the Turmeric Butter and Hemp Seed Oil into a bowl. Microwave until liquid. Add Vitamin E and Fragrance; stir and allow to cool to room temperature. Then use the whisk attachment of a handheld blender or stick blender to whip the cooled mixture into a glossy, smooth consistency. Scoop into a bag to pipe into jars.

Turmeric Butter and Hemp Seed Oil in a beaker before melting.

Stirring Vitamin E and Somali Rose Fragrance into melted oils.


I realized after I’d heated the oils that I probably could have skipped that step. I have made whipped body butters in the past, simply beating the ingredients together at room temperature. I’ve had good results using that method, but I wanted to see how it would work if I melted everything first. I felt like that would be better at combining all the ingredients. I’m not really sure melting the Turmeric Butter made a lot of difference in the end.

After the mixture had returned to room temperature and become somewhat solid, I whipped it.

Pouring the whipped body butter into a bag.

This body butter is lovely! It goes on very smoothly, and it absorbs surprisingly quickly. I applied it to my arm, then I got busy and forgot about it. When I remembered about 30 minutes later, I checked the spot. The greasy residue was gone, and the patch of skin felt much different from the rest of my arm; it even looked better!

Before filling my jars, I placed the bag into a beaker to hold it while I scraped the last of the body butter out of the bowl.

Piping the finished body butter into jars.

My skin felt deeply moisturized and protected. I believe this body butter needs to be all over me because I’m sure the rest of my skin is jealous. I’m very glad Tina suggested letting the Turmeric Butter shine in an anhydrous mixture.

Do you like making anhydrous mixtures, or do you prefer making emulsions?

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