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Welcome back! Yesterday I showed you some super easy lip balm wedding favors. Today we are going to make wedding favor lotions! Lotions are pretty easy to make, but when you are crunching for time and sanity, using our lotion bases makes the process stress-free. Similar to yesterday’s blog, we made a few different label varieties so you can see how these labels can be customized to fit your wedding. If you want to order some of these labels, contact our graphics department!

Finished jars of hand cream for favors.

Finished jars of hand cream for favors.

For these lotions, I used our Goat’s Milk Cream Base. It’s super smooth and creamy! I have not heard a single negative comment about it – I love it! I chose two fragrance oils that I think are kind of gender neutral. I chose Honeysuckle for the Bride’s Favorite Hand Cream. Honeysuckle is a heavy floral scent, but when used lightly, it is delightful. For the Groom’s Favorite Hand Cream, I chose Sea Salt Fragrance Oil. Sea Salt smells of verbena, lilies, roses, and a light squeeze of bergamot. For both lotions I used 15 mL of fragrance per one gallon pail of cream.

Here’s how we do it at TheSage. Find a plastic bag large enough to hold the whole bucket of lotion. Scoop all the lotion into the bag, and then add the fragrance oil. At this time. you can chose to add colorants. I made the bride’s cream a light purple and the groom’s cream a light green to fit with the colors that I had chosen for the labels.

After adding fragrance and colorant, close the bag and knead it so that the fragrance and color get completely mixed in. Then simply cut a hole into the corner of the bag, and you can use the bag to pipe the cream directly into the jars of your choice. It’s so easy, especially if you have a helper who can cap jars while you pipe the cream!

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