Instability Causing Price Increases

Uh oh! You knew this was coming.

Instability is like frayed rope.We hate it when political strife increases prices, but that is what we are looking toward in 2019. As a general rule, tariffs and supply shortages are causing prices to go up in a mere few weeks.

We have been watching a few price increases this year (and a few decreases as well!), but we are reviewing each product as we purchase new materials.

How can you benefit from the price increases that you know are coming? BUY NOW!

You may remember the tax information we suggested in our newsletter (we send one with every order). It is time for you to put your dollar to work.

Order supplies that will ship at the end of this year so you can claim the expense but not the increase in your inventory (profits). Since price increases in the flavors, essentials oils, and extracts are going up anywhere from 3% to 12%, you can make every dollar worth $1.03 to $1.12 just by committing to a purchase you will receive in the new year. There are a few shortages of materials that we just won’t be able to cover. We wish that was not the case, because we don’t like telling our customers that we can’t supply their favorite ingredients.

Remember, you can request a delay in shipping if you would rather count the inventory in 2019! Just tell us when you want to receive the order. We will make it happen!

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