The Secret to Peaceful and Congestion Free Sleep 2

Preparation for washing, viewed from inside the washer

Yesterday I shared a recipe for a marvelous pillow spray. Today’s blog stems from that pillow spray recipe. When we are out and about, whether it be in the garden, at work, or on vacation, our bodies pick up a lot of dirt and grime. Even though it may not seem like you are getting dirty, the outside air is filled with contaminates. After doing a little bit of research I found that humans spend right around 3,000 hours a year in their bed! This blew my mind so I started reading more into this topic. I found that a lot of people that have complained about having congestion in their sleep cannot even remember the last time that they washed their bedding. Making sure your bedding and bedroom are clean is absolutely essential to a peaceful sleep. While your bed may look and feel clean, if you haven’t washed your sheets in the last week it is likely your bed is filled with dust mites, sweat, and body oils. It is recommended that your bedding be washed weekly, but we know how busy life can get. At the least our bedding should be washed every other week.

Another thing that will really help you achieve peaceful sleep is taking a shower or bath before going to bed. Like I said earlier, all throughout our day we are picking up dirt and grime from the outside world. You wouldn’t want to lay in your bed covered in dirt, would you? While doing my research I found that taking a shower that is warm but not too hot is the perfect way to relax the body and get it primed for sleep time. The better you sleep, the better your hair and skin will look and feel. So even if you feel so exhausted after you come home and all you want to do is sleep, take a quick shower. It is worth it. I don’t know about you guys, but I am going to go home and wash all of the bedding in my house.

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2 thoughts on “The Secret to Peaceful and Congestion Free Sleep

  • Sly

    Great info Katy!
    I know when allergy season hits, if I wash my face more throughout the day it helps with the symptoms. I can see where washing the sheets and taking an evening shower could help too.
    Thanks so much!!

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    • Tina


      Good idea to wash the face during the day! Especially if we have been in the garden or dusting the house.

      Good luck this season!

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