10-day Soft Skin Challenge with Lanolin Butter, Day 10

How is your skin looking and feeling? I’ve decided to jump days and show you how great our volunteer’s arm looks after applying the Lanolin Butter for 10 days.

The left arm at the bottom of the photo looks amazing after 10 days of lanolin butter application.

After 10 days of lanolin butter application.

Wow! Can you believe how much difference there is? The left arm at the bottom of the photo looks fantastic, and the scar tissue from a previous dermatological visit looks pink and healthy, while the right arm above still looks scaley and dry without any amount of healthy glow.

I wish computer screens had the ability for you to reach through and feel the difference. I was impressed and our volunteer is excited to start being able to apply the Lanolin Butter to both arms now! He says that he might have to go show off his arms now.

I also got two pictures from another participant who wanted to share the difference in her feet just after one application of Lanolin Butter! I’ll let her tell you about her feet below these pictures.

My foot on the first day before the first application.

My foot on the first day before the first application.

My foot on the first day before the first application.

My foot on the second day before the second application.

My feet, particularly my heels, can get dry and scaly fast. I decided to give the Lanolin Butter Challenge a chance and I’m super surprised at how much changed just in 24 hours! I applied the Lanolin Butter to my feet and then tucked my feet into a pair of wool slippers. I decided to do this right before heading to bed so I wouldn’t have to possibly slip around the house and to give my feet the best chance at “soaking” up this concoction. My feet stayed in their slippers for a few hours, and then I kicked them off in the middle of the night. When I got up the next morning, I got ready for my day, put socks and shoes on and then forgot about my feet for the day. When I started my bedtime routine, I checked out my feet and Wowza! I was shocked to see how great my feet looked only with one application. I’m definitely going to continue applying the Lanolin Butter each evening until that dreadful crack in my heel heals.

That is impressive! I hope your heels look amazing in a week!


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