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Bottling Essential Oil Blend

I love creating lip balms and am always making recipes or jotting down ideas so when my significant other requested a lip balm just for him, I was delighted with the challenge.  He had one request. “It has to be manly. I like fruity flavors but I need something manly in my pocket for when I am out with the guys!” With that in mine, I set forth creating a blend I felt he would like.

To make the Lip balm blend I used:

2 parts Peppermint Essential Oil

2 parts Eucalyptus Essential Oil

1 part Clove Essential Oil

1 part Cinnamon Essential Oil

What I did was converted these parts into grams to make the blend so I ended up with 6 grams of flavor.  It smells great. The clove is my favorite oil, just the smell of it is so rich and warm.  Make sure to read tomorrows blog for the full lip balm recipe!



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