Whipped Champagne Sugar Body Butter 2

The softened texture of my Whipped Body Butter.

The softened texture of my Whipped Body Butter.

This is a project that I made for Valentines Day as little gifts for my friends and family. I had so much fun making this easy project, that I wanted to share it with you! I enjoy using the Body Butter Base, but some days it feels a little too stiff. I asked our awesome Technical Support Team about what could be done, and I learned that using a hand mixer to “whip” the body butter would soften it and make it feel more pliable. I was told that I didn’t want to beat my body butter too much. If I did whip it too much, the emulsion would actually break and cause separation. Eeek! I don’t want that!

Come join me in the kitchen and I’ll show you how easy this is!

Body Butter Base
Champagne Sugar Fragrance Oil
Purple Raspberry color
Hand Mixer


Recipe in Grams
2807 grams Body Butter Base
28.4 grams Champagne Sugar Fragrance Oil
Q.S.Purple Raspberry
Recipe in Ounces
99 oz Body Butter Base
1 oz Champagne Sugar Fragrance Oil
Q.S.Purple Raspberry
Recipe in Percentages
99% Body Butter Base
1% Champagne Sugar Fragrance Oil
Q.S.Purple Raspberry

This whipped creamy body butter was so fun to make. First, you will need to collect all of your ingredients and equipment. I began by putting the Body Butter base into a larger bucket so I would have enough room to work with the hand mixer and properly “whip” the entire batch. I added my fragrance and then turned on the hand mixer. I whipped and gradually added small amounts of diluted Purple Raspberry until I got my desired pink color. You can always add more color, but you can’t take it out! Once the Body Butter looks lighter in texture and is almost reminiscent of whipped cream, you are ready to fill your jars. As always, this goes so much faster if you put it in a bag, cut off the tip of the corner and then squeeze to pipe into your containers.

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