Valentines Tub Tea – Lavender

Happy Valentines Day! Whether you’ll be spending your Valentines Day with someone special or not, you should set some time aside to pamper yourself.

A lavender tub tea for a relaxing Valentines Day treat.

A lavender tub tea for a relaxing Valentines Day treat.

Valentines Day doesn’t have to be all about giving gifts to others, it can also be about loving yourself. You deserve to be sitting on the beach somewhere, palm trees swaying, and a cold drink in your hand. Sadly for most of us, an instant day in a tropical paradise isn’t likely to happen. So why not turn your bathroom into your own personal paradise?

Like fresh milk, our Milk Powder contains lactic acid which helps the old dead skin cells slough off. A milk bath can exfoliate your skin without any hard scrubbing, so if you have sensitive skin then a milk bath would be perfect for you! Milk baths have also been known to help soothe skin that is red and itchy.

Lavender Buds, USA
Dead Sea Salt, Fine
Milk Powder
Dry Flo TS
Lavender Fleur Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil
Bowl or Bucket
Heat and Seal Tea Bags, Jumbo


Recipe in Grams

453.6 grams Milk Powder
362.9 grams Dead Sea Salts
36.29grams Lavender Buds, USA
Dry Flo
1.8 grams Lavender Fleur Fragrance Oil
7.3 grams Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil

Recipe in Ounces
16 ounces Milk Powder
12.8 ounces Dead Sea Salts
1.3 ounces Lavender Buds, USA
1.6 ounces Dry Flo
0.064 ounces Lavender Fleur Fragrance Oil
0.26 ounces Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages
50% Milk Powder
40% Dead Sea Salts
4% Lavender Buds, USA
5% Dry Flo
0.2% Lavender Fleur Fragrance Oil
0.8% Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil
Completely mixed Lavender Tub Tea.

Completely mixed Lavender Tub Tea.

This tub tea is seriously so easy to make! Really all you need to do is measure everything out and mix it all together. Easy peasy! I think the hardest part might be scooping it into the tea bags and sealing them. To seal the Heat Sealable Tea Bags, you will need a regular household iron. If you don’t have one of those lying around, then a hair straightener would work just as well.

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