Blueberry Cheesecake Lip Balm

The finished Blueberry Cheesecake lip balms!

The finished Blueberry Cheesecake lip balms!

When I was younger we used to go out for ice cream after every soccer game, win or lose. It was the best because I could care less about playing soccer, but I loved to get ice cream after. I would always order a blueberry cheesecake shake. This lip balm reminded me of those trips and every time I’ve put it on my lips, I want to run to back to that ice cream shop for my favorite shake. This lip balm made by mixing three different flavor oils together, Blueberry, Cheesecake and Sugar Baby. They mesh very well together! Join me to make this simple lip balm using the new Veggie Lip Solutions!

Veggie Lip Solutions
Blueberry Flavor Oil
Cheesecake Flavor Oil
Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
Microwave Safe Container
Lip balm Tubes & Caps
Filling Tray

Recipe: (0.63 lb jar Veggie Lip Solutions)

Recipe in Grams
286 grams Veggie Lip Solutions
6 grams Blueberry Flavor Oil
3 grams Cheesecake Flavor Oil
3 grams Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
Recipe in Ounces
10.08 ounces Veggie Lip Solutions
0.21 ounces Blueberry Flavor Oil
0.10 ounces Cheesecake Flavor Oil
0.10 ounces Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
Recipe in Percentages
96% Veggie Lip Solutions
2% Blueberry Flavor Oil
1% Cheesecake Flavor Oil
1% Sugar Baby Flavor Oil

Recipe: (5 lb pail of Veggie Lip Solutions)

Recipe in Grams
2186.9 grams Veggie Lip Solutions
45.6 grams Blueberry Flavor Oil
22.8 grams Cheesecake Flavor Oil
22.8 grams Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
Recipe in Ounces
80 ounces Veggie Lip Solutions
1.66 ounces Blueberry Flavor Oil
0.83 ounces Cheesecake Flavor Oil
0.83 ounces Sugar Baby Flavor Oil

I loved making this product because all you need to do is measure and melt all of your Veggie Lip Solutions. While your Lip Solutions is melting, you can measure out all three of your flavors and add them to the completely melted Lip Solutions. Now you can pour your lip balm into the container of your choice.

Enjoy my favorite shake flavor in lip balm form!

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