Polynesian Red Bar Soap

6v10-a-polynesianredmpsoap-1Polynesian Red is a lovely, uplifting scent.  I love that we put it into soap because I wash my hands constantly throughout the day and this makes it enjoyable.  I love to smell like Polynesian Red.  It is a very awakening, and almost sexy scent.  Any woman would love it.  The soap I made, I just left it white.  this scared me a little but it turned out beautiful.  So simple yet elegant, just like how it smells.

White M&P Soap Base
Clear M&P Soap Base
Polynesian Red Fragrance Oil
Microwave safe container
Soap Molds 


Recipe in Grams
453.6 Grams White M&P Soap Base
453.6 grams Clear M&P Soap Base
14.175 Grams Polynesian Red Fragrance Oil
Pinch of glitter
Recipe in Ounces
16 Oz White M&P Soap Base
16 Oz Clear M&P Soap Base
1/2 oz Polynesian Red Fragrance Oil
Pinch of glitter
Recipe in Percentages
49.25% White M&P Soap Base
49.25% Clear M&P soap base
1.5% Polynesian Red fragrance oil
Q.S. Glitter

Directions:  So we first weighed out our fragrance and our soap to be as much as we needed, we put .25 ounces of this fragrance per pound of soap base.  Once the soap is melted all the way to a liquid we add our fragrance to it and stir.  I added a pinch of glitter (you can add more or less).  Then we poured it into our mold and wallah! So easy.  We let it sit approximately 10 hours before removing it from our mold. I hope this helped and if you want a sample of this soap please ask in your order.





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