Jasmine Spearmint Lip Balm 2

Finished Jasmine Spearmint Lip Balm

Finished Jasmine Spearmint Lip Balm

I love lip balms and I have loved them for as long as I can remember. I love plain and colored lip balms but my favorite are flavored lip balms. Today I want to push the envelope by making a Jasmine Spearmint Lip Balm. While the spearmint is the more dominant flavor of the two, the jasmine adds a soft intriguing note as does the green tea. This lip balm has a very soft and fresh, clean flavor and it is very, very good. Come join me for this fun and funky lip balm!

I was able to add the soft jasmine flavor by doing an oil infusion with some Jasmine Green Tea. I highly recommend using a strongly scented Jasmine Pearl Green Tea vs a basic Jasmine Tea that is packaged in a tea bag. You will get smoother, cleaner flavors and it will take less work to remove the plant material from your oils.

Deodorized Cocoa Butter
High Melt Point Shea Butter
Hemp Oil, Refined
Castor Oil
Jasmine Green Tea
Spearmint Essential Oil
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
100 grams Beeswax
40 grams Lanolin
75 grams Deodorized Cocoa Butter
84.5 grams High Melt Point Shea Butter
100 grams Hemp Oil, Refined
100 grams Castor Oil
10 grams Jasmine Green Tea
0.5 grams Spearmint Essential Oil
Recipe in Ounces
3.53 oz Beeswax
1.41 oz Lanolin
2.65 oz Deodorized Cocoa Butter
2.98 oz High Melt Point Shea Butter
3.53 oz Hemp Oil, Refined
3.53 oz Castor Oil
0.35 oz Jasmine Green Tea
0.02 oz Spearmint Essential Oil
Recipe in Percentages
20% Beeswax
8% Lanolin
15% Deodorized Cocoa Butter
16.9% High Melt Point Shea Butter
20% Hemp Oil, Refined
20% Castor Oil
Jasmine Green Tea
0.1% Spearmint Essential Oil
Making Jasmine Tea Oil Infusion

Making Jasmine Tea Oil Infusion

This lip balm is made in two separate steps. To begin, weigh the Castor Oil and Refined Hemp Oil into a microwave safe container. Heat gently until the oils are warm. Add the Jasmine Green Tea and allow it to sit for anywhere from 1-24 hours. Strain the oil mixture, removing the Jasmine Green Tea. (You can also also put the tea in a heat and seal tea bag for easy removal from the oils.

Add the remainder of your fixed oils and heat gently. Once the oils have completely melted, add the Spearmint Essential Oil. Stir well.

From here, you can either pipette the mixture into your tubes or you can use a filling tray. I like using a filling tray because they are simple and fast. If you are using a filling tray, insert your tubes into your tray. Flood the tray with your melted lip balm. Allow the mixture to cool. Scrape off the excess. I like to use a plastic putty knife. Remove the tubes from the tray then cap.

Letting Jasmine Tea sit in warm oils

Letting Jasmine Tea sit in warm oils

If you are going to pipette the lip balm into the tubes, fill the tube until you get a dome of liquid material at the top. Wax shrinks when it cools and doing this helps insure that you get a very pretty top. Fill all of your tubes making sure they are domed on the top before they cool. (You may need to reheat your lip balm during this process. This is normal and to be expected.) Allow the tubes to cool and cap.

Now you can give your lip balm a pretty label or put it into a cute bag. Enjoy this great lip balm or give as gifts!


Weighing Other Fixed Oils

Weighing Other Fixed Oils









Heating Lip Balm Mixture

Heating Lip Balm Mixture

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2 thoughts on “Jasmine Spearmint Lip Balm

  • Jenni Summers

    Hi, I have been making my own lip balm for a while now but I am always interested in learning more. I was wondering what the purpose of the lanolin is in this recipe? I have never used lanolin so I know nothing about it. Please tell me all you can about this ingredient. Thanks

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    • Tina


      So let me divert your thinking for a minute to lipstick. 18 hour lipstick is a pipe dream even though it is marketed. The key to your lips feeling soft and supple for hours on end, even when speaking to a crowd, is a thick material or viscous fat. Lanolin is the key to long lasting texture on the lips. It is sticky and heavy. Lanolin is a good skin moisturizer. It does not need to be a high amount of lanolin to make a better lip product with enough tack to stay on the lips and not be talked/licked off. Does that help give you a bit of perspective?


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