Nutshell Potpourri

Nutshell Potpourri

Nutshell Potpourri

These days it seems very easy to get lost in the craziness that is Christmas. The hustle and bustle of trying to find last minute presents and attending family Christmas parties. During this time of celebration, remember what exactly you are celebrating. Value, the value of family and friends and those relationships. So when your sitting down cracking nuts and having a no electronics time, remember what it is you’re celebrating and don’t take it for granted. In the end, I won’t remember all the presents I received but I will remember the time spent with the people I love. So sit down and read a book with family. It doesn’t matter if everyone at the party is over 40. Kids books are always appropriate.

With that being said, today I bring you a simple recipe that may cost you little to nothing and is easy enough for the whole family to enjoy. We came up with the idea of Nutshell Potpourri. This recipe is the perfect way to recycle those nutshells that will most likely be thrown out anyways. If you do this recipe and end up using an essential oil rather than a fragrance oil, this could still be put into your compost pile! My favorite thing about making this potpourri was getting to crack and eat all those nuts.

Really, all you will need for this recipe is whatever you might want in your potpourri and a fragrance or essential oil. We decided to use the shells of hazelnuts and some wood chips we found out in the yard. We then added a few drops of Brown Sugar and Spice Fragrance Oil and then dusted it with some Silver Mica to make it shine. I am happy with how this turned out, it looks great in a vase or dish. Now I just wish Christmas would hurry up and get here!





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