Doggy Dozen Products for July 2016

Yowza! It’s July and I’m excited to share the products for our July Doggy Dozen Program.

PawPrintI’m going to ask that you don’t hit me over the head yet because this list was inspired by Christmas, so I’ve picked another round of twelve items that will make great gifts to stock your gift closet. I’m excited to make products with ingredients that help the dogs and cats over at Four Paws! Here’s the list for you!

  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Aloe Butter
    • Aloe Butter is one of those versatile ingredients that I think should be in every cupboard. It makes fabulous soaps, creams, scrubs, butters, and lip balms. Don’t let my list stop you, use it wherever you desire and find yourself falling in love!
  • Ground Apricot Seeds
    • We may not be in the garden in December, but that doesn’t stop us from using Ground Apricot Seeds. I love making scrubs and polishes as well as soaps with these little scrubby bits. The Ground Apricot Seeds provide a cute speckled look while adding an extra dimension of exfoliation power.
  • Lavender Fields Color
    • Purple may not seem very Christmassy at first glance, but I think it makes wonderful colored soaps. You can swirl with it, make confetti soap or just have a single colored soap. Start planning to make some purple soap for your purple loving friends or customers!
  • Sesame Oil
    • I love Sesame Oil in lotions and massage oils. The oil doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and is noted to be nutrient rich. Treat yourself to a bottle of Sesame Oil and never look back!
  • Pina Colada Flavor Oil
    • If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain ♪ Pardon me! I can’t help but sing this song every time I think about our amazing Pina Colada Flavor. This fun and exciting flavor is a perfect way to keep summer in your pocket during the Christmas holiday!
  • Raspberries & Cream Flavor Oil
    • Here in Northern Utah, raspberries are a big thing! They grow well in our climate and these abundant berries are all the reason you need to have raspberry shakes for dessert or a bowl of fresh raspberries and cream (with sugar on top) for breakfast. This flavor may not taste exactly like a fresh raspberry out of the garden, it puts my favorite summer breakfast in lip balm for year round enjoyment!
  • Horsetail Grass Extract
    • This extract is one of my favorites for hair care products like the Silky Smooth Hair Detangler or handmade conditioners. Why do I love it so much? It’s noted to have astringent, healing, texturizer, and elasticizer properties. Horsetail Grass is also high in silica, adds strength & sheen to hair and is good for the skin. Gosh! It’s fabulous!
  • Chamomile Extract
    • Chamomile is noted to be relaxing, cleansing, moisturizing, soothing, calming, cooling, anti-inflammatory, and add sheen to hair. I can’t make any promises about all that, but I know that I love it in lip products like Taylor’s delectable Honey Elixir Lip Gloss and scrubs like the Soothing Sugar Scrub. Pick up a bottle of this extract for your cupboard, you will be glad you did!
  • Alpine Fragrance Oil
    • This fragrance is so hard to describe! It is a fabulous medley of frost bitten berries, a high mountain meadow, spice and evergreen. This fragrance makes me think of being at home during a winter snowstorm and lighting candles to create a cozy home feeling.
  • Green Mango Fragrance Oil
    • Mangos probably don’t seem like a holiday type scent, but this fruity fragrance is perfect those who aren’t big on the “traditional” holiday scents. Put together a mango themed gift basket and I promise you will make the fruit lovers salivate!
  • Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance Oil
    • This fragrance has been a staple in our catalog for a long time! The warm, foodie scent speaks comfort to everyone and it makes wonderful soaps, lotions and scrubs. Take a deep breath and feel the smile cross your lips!



P.S. Supporting local programs like Four Paws is fun. Check your local yellow pages for a shelter or rescue group that needs your help. Find a furry friend to bring home or help support them with time, services or donations. Shelters and rescue groups truly value every little bit of support!

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