Quick and Easy Massage Cream with Ginger Milk 2

Massage Cream

Massage Cream

As some of you may have noticed when checking out on an order over 100 dollars there is an option for promotional samples. There are three levels starting at 100 dollars. Two more levels exist at 150 dollars and 200 dollars. Each level offers 4 to 6 different promotional samples, one of the samples at the 200 dollar level is a 1 oz bottle of Ginger Milk Fragrance Oil. These are free which I think is pretty awesome! This fragrance is so unique and distinctive, it is the definition of sweet and spicy.

At first this fragrance is really sweet with notes of ginger flowers, bergamot and peach. Then you get hit like a ton of bricks with the spicy smells of nutmeg, coriander and ginger root. I truly love this fragrance because it is not your everyday smell, it’s something different to spice up your everyday routine.

The combination of the Massage Cream and Ginger Milk Fragrance is enough to make any person go, “Mmmm. What are you wearing?” So I dare you to try this recipe out, it is so simple.

Massage Cream Base
Ginger Milk Fragrance Oil
Plastic Bag


Recipe in Grams
3628 grams Massage Cream Base
14.5 grams Ginger Milk Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Ounces
128 ounces Massage Cream Base
0.51 ounces Ginger Milk Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages
99.6% Massage Cream Base
0.4% Ginger Milk Fragrance Oil

Weigh the Massage Cream Base into a plastic bag. Add the Ginger Milk Fragrance oil. Mix well, make sure to knead the bag for a few minutes so the fragrance oil gets completely mixed in! Pipe or spoon the Massage Cream Base into your container of choice. Top with a cap and a label and there ya go, Ginger Milk Massage Cream.


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2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Massage Cream with Ginger Milk

    • Tina

      Maybe. Whipping is a bad idea. Slow and gentle mixing is OK. Make sure you do NOT use a plastic coated bowl or paddle.


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