Exciting Product Additions! 1

We have new books!

We have new books!

I love it when we add new items to the catalog. I love it even more when they are additions to our Free Gifts and Teas Program. Not familiar with our Free Gifts and Teas Program? It is an exciting thing where you can choose your own gift on qualifying orders! No points to keep track of. Just instant rewards.  How cool is that?

One of the first additions to our catalog is a book called Fermented Vegetables by Christopher and Kristen Shockey. I have read a lot of books regarding fermented vegetables and this book is by far my favorite. The authors have a great sense of humor and keep you hooked from page one!

I have gifted this book to a few friends and all have agreed that it makes an enjoyable read. We have even joked about how this cook book transitions so smoothly, it reads like a novel. Be prepared to have your mouth water and an uncontrollable urge to start your first ferment. Packed with lots of recipes, humor and good advice, I think this book is a must for every foodie, gardening enthusiast and adventurer.

Another literary addition to our catalog is Medicinal Herbs by Rosemary Gladstar. This is a beautiful book with vibrant pictures and plenty of food for thought. I enjoyed perusing through Rosemary’s book, learning more about a variety of common garden plants and even some rather well known weeds.

With Rosemary’s book gracing my nightstand, I find myself itching for spring to get into the garden and get started on my herb garden. There are several recipes I want to try, such as her Four Thieves Apple Cider Vinegar. From cover to cover, there is a lot of inspiration and great ideas. I highly recommend it!


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