Creative Fixes and Ideas – Day 2

Okay, so we have covered how to rescue an overly scented soap. What else can you save when things go wrong? Today I will talk about how to save a lotion from being overly colored. Let’s get started!

One thing I tend to rely on when working with a large group of kids are easy and interactive activities. They may range from making Peanut Butter Playdough to using one of our lotion bases. They keep the kids entertained and constantly learning.

A few weeks ago, I was showing a group of kids how to make lotion using a base. They helped choose our fragrance. (I found them clamoring for the Punch Party Fragrance Oil.) After we measure the fragrance into the lotion and started to mix, we decided to add some color. The options were yellow, pink and blue. They decided on blue.

Let’s just say one drop of color would have been sufficient for the 10 oz of lotion we were working with. I regret to say I don’t know how much color was added. It certainly enough to color the skin blue. Heavens above! What would the parents say if I sent their children home with blue skin. It would be a disaster to say the least.

So we scented another 10 oz of Head to Toe Cream and added maybe a 0.25 oz of our brightly blue cream. The bag was distributed and everyone took turns mixing. While I still felt the color was a little strong, the kids loved it and it wasn’t ready to turn their skin to smurf blue. (I tend to like ultra-soft colors. Colors so light they might be considered an off white.)

That was a relatively easy fix. As my chemistry teacher used to say “The solution to pollution is dilution!”



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I'm a twenty something happy, animal loving, curious experimenter. I love reaching back into history and trying old recipes for cosmetics or foods. I'm constantly asking "Why?" My curiosity has me trying new things. I love taking walks with my dog as well as staying at home to cuddle with the dog and my cats. Some of my favorite scents include Hinoki Wood, Rose Garden, Jasmine and Gladiator.

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