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I am so excited for the weekend! I’m going to be visiting the local farmer’s markets and doing some desperately needed weeding. (There has been so much rain recently that I can’t keep up with the weeds!) Are you doing anything fun this weekend? To celebrate the weekend, I’m going […]

Weekend Special!

June is just around the corner and I’m thinking summer! Growing up and living in high mountain deserts means I’m not familiar with summer at the beach, but I am familiar with afternoon hikes and playing in the cold mountain streams. June often means many of us are busy with […]

June 2015 Calendar

One thing I have learned by cooking for others is that we each have our own tastes and preferences. Personal care products are much the same way. What I like will be different from what you like. Many factors include humidity, body chemistry, mineral content of water and so on. […]

Starting with Soap – Day 11

Today I wanted to work with what can be a rather finicky material, Beeswax.  Why is Beeswax finicky? Well, it is extremely temperature sensitive and we recommend no more that 0.5 ounce per pound of fats. That is a tiny amount! While Beeswax contributes this amazingly creamy sensation, it can […]

Starting with Soap – Day 9

Now that we have made our first several batches of soap and talked about why we choose certain “backbone” oils, let’s get into the really fun stuff. There are many different oils that you can choose to be your luxury oil. Each one will make your soap unique. Today I […]

Starting with Soap – Day 6

Last week we made our first batch of soap. Making your first batch of soap is exciting, overwhelming, terrifying and addicting all at the same time. It is a very emotional process. Today, I wanted to make another batch of soap but I only wanted to change one ingredient. Are […]

Starting with Soap – Day 4