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Today we should have our basic equipment. Ideally this means you have your goggles, scale, mixing container, spoon, immersion blender, gloves and a mold. If you have selected a box, milk carton or drawer organizer for your mold, the first thing we need to do is calculate how much soap […]

Starting with Soap – Day 2

In recent posts we have talked about making roll-on perfumes. There are huge number of carrier oils that you can choose from and many reasons to choose one that best suits you and your needs. Today I wanted to talk about one of my personal favorites, Fractionated Coconut Oil. If […]

Paradise Roll-On Perfume

April is here! While the flowers are beginning to bloom and I’m finding that I need to keep up with the weeds, I’m excited to have longer daylight hours which means sunshine in the evenings! We’ve designed this monthly calendar that you can print for your desk or workspace. Print […]

April 2015 Calendar